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TURA, November 11: The 44e 100 Drums Wangala Festival 2021, the Garos post-harvest festival that is held every year, began on Thursday at its permanent location, the Wangala Adam in Chibragre, about 13 kilometers from Tura.

The first day of the festival was marked by the launch of the Handloom and Handicrafts exhibition as well as the holding of indigenous games such as Wa’pong sika, Jakpong pe’a, An’ding oka, Rong’ma de’susaa and Rong ‘ma chilsusaa.

The festival was inaugurated by GHADC CEM Benedic R Marak in the presence of GHADC President Rakesh Sangma and other MDC board members, as well as other dignitaries including Nokma board chairman SG Momin, members of the 100 Drums Wangala (HDWFC) festival committee among others.

Speaking as the guest of honor on this occasion, GHADC CEM Benedic R Marak informed this meeting that the celebration of the 100 Drums Wangala festival began in 1978 to protect and preserve the culture and customs of the A’chik people . He thanked officials for taking the initiative, adding that their decision kept the A’chik culture alive.

Recalling that the festival was being held for the second time at Wangala Adam, he urged the organizers to continue taking measures to make improvements in the future so that the festival attracts more tourists from the country and beyond. Marak also assured that GHADC will assist the organizers in any way possible at future events.

Some of the highlights of the festival on day one include the Chibok dance and the Koch dance.

Meanwhile, events scheduled for the second day of Friday include traditional games like tug of war, Ajia-Doroa competition, Rugala, chachat So’a, Dani Doka and the 100 Wangala Drums (first round). Selsella MLA FCA Sangma is expected to attend Friday’s event as guest of honor.



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