6 Anthropologie autumn-scented candles classified from “incredibly good” to “stopper your nose”



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Each season has a signature scent. Winter brings fresh baked goods and basalm. Come spring, it’s flowers and fresh linens. Summer brings coconut sunscreen, sea water and fresh cut grass. However, fall scents are among the most popular for their warm notes. Yes, that includes the scents of pumpkin spice, apple cider, fallen leaves and leather.

However, no one falls better than candles Anthropology. Walk into one of its stores this time of year and the smell of its candles will instantly fill your nose with something sweet and spicy.

Nevertheless, although there are so many Anthropology candles to choose, not all are winners.

Before you shop, check out this ranking of six Anthropologie fall candle scents, ranked from best to worst.

1. Clove pumpkin

Credit: Anthropologie

Credit: Anthropologie

Buy a Capri Blue Pumpkin Clove Jar Candle, $ 34

If you are looking for the perfect sweet, spicy and cozy fall candle scent, Clove pumpkin is this. Specifically, the scent offers notes of buttered pumpkin with a touch of orange zest, vanilla and cinnamon. Turn it on after dinner to give your nose something soft to smell. It’s unbelievably good! Also a nice decorative touch – it comes in a pumpkin inspired metal pot.

2. Spicy Cider

Credit: Anthropologie

Credit: Anthropologie

Buy a Capri Blue Spiced Cider Glass Candle, $ 34

If pumpkin isn’t your favorite fall treat, go for the Spicy Cider sniff. It’s not as sweet, but it will still make your nose happy. It includes notes of berry and sparkling grapes mixed with fresh apple, cinnamon, vanilla and Canadian fir to balance it out.

3. Fir & Firewood

Credit: Anthropologie

Credit: Anthropologie

Buy a Capri fir blue and firewood glass candle, $ 34

Burn the smell of fir and firewood in late fall, when the leaves have nearly all fallen from the trees, you’re enjoying your Thanksgiving leftovers and you can’t look at another piece of pumpkin pie . Sure, firs might be more of a winter scent, but this one is for people who prefer a woody scent to baked goods. This scent is a blend of clove, fir, pine needle, white birch, cedar, vetiver, musk and a bit of fresh apple to lighten it up.

4. Home side

Credit: Anthropologie

Credit: Anthropologie

Buy a Capri Blue Hearthside glass candle, $ 34

A hearth is the area around a fireplace, so you already know that this scent is going to have smoky notes. Hearthside blends notes of smoky cedarwood, pine needles, cloves, vanilla, raspberry and amber. Think of it like the smell of drinking champagne around a fire. This makes a great housewarming or hostess gift when you are unsure whether the recipient prefers woody or sweet smells.

5. Pumpkin & Sweet Vanilla

Credit: Anthropologie

Credit: Anthropologie

Buy the Aurelie Pumpkin & Sweet Vanilla glass jar candle, $ 32

You already know that Anthropologie’s ultimate pumpkin scent is cloves. Pumpkin and Sweet Vanilla is pretty much a toned down version of it with less spice. It’s not a bad scent at all, it’s just very, very light. Pumpkin and sweet vanilla may be suitable for someone who has a really good smell and doesn’t like the intensity of pumpkin cloves. You can also burn it when entertaining guests as a sort of understated background scent that won’t totally take over your senses during dinner.

6. Fig tree

Credit: Anthropologie

Credit: Anthropologie

Buy Aurelie Fig Tree Glass Jar Candle, $ 32

Fig tree is Anthropologie’s newest fall fragrance; however, it is also the most polarizing. According to the product description, it includes notes of black fig nectar, peppery cassis, leafy green vines and warm woods. It’s supposed to be a fresh scent. However, it smells more of the tangy jalapeño margarita, peppers and figs mixed with leaves. There’s a lot going on here and it may make you want to stuff your nose rather than turning it on. residence.

On the flip side, a reviewer on the retailer’s site said he thought it smelled exactly like Diptyque’s Fig tree room spray. So buy at your own risk.

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