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AUSTIN, Texas, August 5, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Today, LGND Inc. announcement Tokyobased artist Haroshithe first collection of digital works of art titled RECYCLED PIXELS. A self-taught skateboarder and carpenter, Haroshi’s work ranges from detailed sculptures to large installations and mainly features elements of recycled skateboards. Known for authentically conveying its roots in street culture in its approach to contemporary art, the concepts of sustainability and meticulous craftsmanship are also a signature. Haroshi explores the medium of digital art for the first time with this unique collection. RECYCLED PIXELS is currently available in preview on and will be officially launched on Sunday 8 August To 8 p.m. EST.

Since 2003, Haroshi has been creating sculptural works through a unique and self-taught method of using used skateboard parts. Each sculpture features individually chosen recycled skateboards that are stacked, hand carved, painted and then polished to a beautifully plated finish. His work includes large mosaic installations as well as colorful sculptures of various recognizable symbols, such as skulls, sneakers, guitars, fire hydrants and vintage toys. For this revolutionary collection, the artist created three limited edition NFTs inspired by his most iconic pieces – Major, Fire hydrant and Skull. With a few elements of movement and sound, Haroshi provides a new dimension and context to these familiar sculptural pieces giving us a glimpse of his new existence in the virtual world.

“Artists have traditionally had difficult experiences when it comes to owning the rights to their art,” explains Haroshi, “NFTs can live forever and will truly change that dynamic. I am convinced that all artists should share in the benefits of their work, especially because true creation comes from the heart.”

“We are delighted to be working with Haroshi on its NFT genesis which fully embraces this digital medium,” said Ty carter, Head of the Artists’ Council at LGND. “Haroshi pushes analog into a new space by asking what it means to be virtual.”


LGND is a digital arts platform built by artists, for artists, with the core mission of providing members with the easiest and most secure way to purchase NFT art online. LGND enables artists to integrate their work into the NFT market on their own terms, reach a wider audience, and secure their digital legacy through environmentally friendly blockchain technology. LGND is committed to minimizing the ecological impact of NFTs and prioritizes the sustainability of the platform by using the WAX ​​proof of stake blockchain, with an authentication process that is up to 125,000 times more efficient than other methods. As a platform and community, LGND focuses on artist empowerment, sustainability and technical innovation to provide the best service and opportunities for creators and their fans. YOU are LGND.


Haroshi was born in 1978 in Tokyo, Japan, where he is currently based. As an avid skater from his early years until today, Haroshi has extensive knowledge of the anatomy of a skateboard and all of its parts, including decks, trucks and wheels. Without formal artistic training, he adapted the determined perseverance, freedom of expression and DIY ethic of skate culture to create works of art.

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