Beads, Batik presented at the Port Townsend gallery


Fiber and bead artist Pat Herkal and batik artist Melissa Bixby are Port Townsend Gallery’s featured artists for the month of August.

The gallery, at 715 Water Street, is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily and also by appointment.

Herkal creates to fill his life with joy, discovering how to blend colors and textures, honor the environment and keep his brain nimble, according to a press release.

Pat Herkal

Fantasy, color and the natural world inspire his work. She mixes fibers, threads, beads, trinkets, seashells, stones and found objects both man-made and natural, and she creates jewelry, sculptures, wall hangings, critters and dolls.

Most of his work is embellished with embroidery and then beads. The beads are sewn by hand, sewing one bead at a time.

Alaska-born Bixby began her artistic career as an abstract sculptor and earned her master’s degree in fine arts, according to the press release.

In recent years, she has rediscovered the ancient art of Batik. Having only used this process in high school, she adapted it with her unique taste for the abstract and her love for the ocean.

Using minimalist shapes in bright colors, she shares the beauty and grace of the underwater world of the Pacific Northwest. His images come to life through the use of wax and dye on cotton fabric.

Influenced by the vibrant tidal pools, as well as her time spent swimming in open water, she creates landscapes, nature scenes and sea creatures with the intention of sharing a glimpse of her adventures.

For more information on the Port Townsend Gallery, call 360-379-8110.

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