Candle Tea returns in a new format



Winston-Salem: Candle Tea returns in a new format for 2021

goal. Iranian tradition returns to Salem Square for the holidays. Following last year’s driving event, visitors are welcome in person to see, hear, smell and taste the magic of the Advent season. I’d like to welcome K Roberts. Now she is the chair of this year’s TK Candle Thank you for being there. You’re welcome. So let’s start with tea with candles and the story of this event. Tell me about it. The story goes back to around 1929. Uh, so this will be the 92nd consecutive candlelit tea party hosted by the Womens Fellowship of Home Arabian Church. We didn’t want to stop it last year this year, just because of this old pandemic. So last year people stayed in their cars and drove through this year, we were all ready to go back to the single brothers house below and see what happened to the race. So we decided to move to Salem Square. This time we will be in the square. This means that people can get out of their cars, cross the square and look, see, taste and even feel things that have to do with the Meridian Advent season, that wonderful time of year, just before Christmas. . So we are ready. We’re going to sell some uh items that we haven’t done in the past, entry is free. Uh, I have things here that you could see and buy, you can buy a candle for all this scandal, or you can buy a little arabic star made of handmade baby paper. We will also have speakers who are in fact the ancestors of some of the first ones or their ancestors were here at the time of the founding of Salem. The names may sound familiar to those of you who are before Winston Salem, but they will tell me stories of what is or what happened in the late 1700s when Salem first became a little girl. city. Okay, I wanted you to show us more of these Moravian stars please, because I want you to share what the symbols really mean, what does the Moravian star mean? It is a small star that represents the millions of stars that the Arabs have created over the years. Originally, Arabs worked in a lower part of Germany, which is now part of Czechoslovakia or the Czech Republic. Okay, so to one of them, a teacher from one of those Arab schools had a geometry class and he challenged the students to find a certain model. And now they did, they made some little stars with their geometric designs. And so today we now have these Arab stars which are often called German stars also because they, first of all, the word developed in Arabia or lower Germany, they represent that Christ is the light of the world. He comes to us with faith, hope and love. And so every time you see one of those stars that will remind you that whoever shines it believes that there is hope and glory to God God through Jesus Christ, they are truly beautiful. Okay, before I let you go. I want you to tell me some things people can look forward to for this year’s candle tea that are different from previous years. Um Again we’ll talk, we’ll have people talking and telling their stories, telling the stories of Salem. This is something that could not have been done in the past with the traditional candle. Anyone who has been knows it is in the single brothers house and you had a deadline you had to go from place to place this year visitors will be able to walk around and there is no model fixed. You can go one direction, you can go another direction and take advantage of the Salem puts. This will be one of the scenes that normally take place in the basement of the Single Brothers’ house. They’re going to release some of it so people can really learn more about it. Like for example, did you know that snow is now marble dust? I didn’t know the mice were eating the flower so it was ok, thank you very much for your time. That’s all we have for now. But I want people to know that the candle is happening on December 4th in Salem Square from noon to four. If it rains, it will be postponed until December 11, so keep that in mind. It’s free. As you have heard mentioned, but the original Arab church will accept donations for the event. You can also find small items there. More information at the house raven point org. THANK YOU SO MUCH. BRIAN A MORAVIAN TRADITION RETURNS TO SALEM SQUARE FOR THE HOLIDAYS AFTER LAST YEAR’S DRIVE-THRU EVENT. I WOULD LIKE TO WELCOME KAY ROBERTS NOW SHE IS THIS YEAR’S CANDLE TEA KAY PRESIDENT. THANKS TO BE HERE. THANKS. LET’S BEGIN WITH CANDLE TEA AND THE HISTORY OF THIS EVENT. TELL ME ABOUT THAT. THE STORY RETURNS TO 1929. THEREFORE THIS WILL BE THE 92ND CONSECUTIVE CANDLE TEA HELPED BY THE WOMEN’S COMMUNITY OF THE ARAB CHURCH HOME. WE DON’T WANT TO STOP IT LAST YEAR OR THIS YEAR JUST BECAUSE THAT OLD PANDEMICO LAST YEAR WAS A DRIVED PERSON STAYED IN THEIR CAR DIRECTORY THIS YEAR. WE WERE ALL PREPARED TO RETURN TO THE SINGLE BROTHER’S HOUSE BELOW AND HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED TO THE RACE. WE DECIDED TO MOVE TO SALEM SQUARE THIS TIME. WE WILL BE IN THE PLACE. THIS MEANS PEOPLE CAN GET OUT OF THEIR CAR COME THROUGH THE SQUARE AND LOOK AND SEE AND TASTE THE SAME FEEL THINGS THAT HAVE TO SEE WITH THE MAVORIANS ADVENT SEASON THIS WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR JUST BEFORE CHRISTMAS. THEN WE ARE READY. WE WILL SELL SOME ITEMS THAT WE HAVE NOT MADE IN THE PAST ADMISSNIO IS FREE. I HAVE SOMETHING HERE YOU COULD SEE AND YOU COULD BUY YOU COULD BUY A CANDLE ALL THESE CANDLES OR YOU COULD BA LITTLE BITTY BABY HANDMADE PAPER MORAVIAN STAR. WE ALSO HAVE SPEAKERS WHO ARE ACTUALLY ANCESTORS SOME OF THE FIRST OR THEIR ANCESTORS WERE HERE DURING THE PERIOD OF THE FOUNDATION OF SALEM. ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED ON ONE OR WHAT HAPPENED AT THE END OF 1700 DEGREES WHEN SALEM FIRST BECAME A SMALL TOWN. AND I WANTED YOU TO SHOW ME OR ME THESE MORAVIAN STARS, PLEASE BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO SHARE WHAT ETH SYMBOLS YOU KNOW, REALLY MEAN. WHAT DOES THE MORAVIAN STAR MEAN? IT’S A LITTLE STAR THAT REPRESENTS THE MILLION STARS THE MORAVIANS MADE OVER THE YEARS ORIGINALLY THE ARABS WERE FROM A LOWER PART OF GERMANY, NOW PART OF CZECHOSLOVAKIA OR THE CZECH REPUBLIC . OKAY, SO HOW MUCH HERE IN ONE OF THESE ARAB SCHOOLS HAD A GEOMETRY. NOBODY AND HE CHALLENGED THE STUDENTS TO DETERMINE A CERTAIN PATTERN AND HERE THEY MADE SOME LITTLE STARS WITH THEIR GEOMETRIC DESIGNS. AND SO TODAY WE NOW HAVE THESE MORAVES ARE OFTEN CALLED GERMAN STARS BECAUSE THEY FIRST THE WORD UM DEVELOPED IN MORAVIA OR LOWER GERMANY. THEY REPRESENT CHRIST IS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. HE WE US WITH FAITH AND HOPE AND LOVE AND SO EVERY TIME OR SEE ONE OF THESE STARS THAT WILL REMIND YOU THAT THE ONE THAT SHINES HE BELIEVES THAT THERE IS HEOP AND GLORY TO GOD BY JESUS ​​CHRIST. EYTH ARE REALLY GORGEOUS. Okay before I let you go. I WANT YOU TO TELL ME SOME THINGS PEOPLE CAN WAIT FOR THIS YEAR’S CANDLE TEA THAT ARE DIFFERENT FROM YOUR PAST. OH AGAIN, IT WILL TALK, WE WILL HAVE PEOPLE TALKING AND TELLING THEM TELLING THE SALEM STORIES. THIS IS SOMETHING THAT COULD NOT HAVE BEEN DONE IN THE PAST WITH TRADITIONAL CANDLE TEA. SOMEONE WHO IS BLESSED KNOWS THAT IT WAS IN THE SINGLE BROTHER’S HOUSE. THERE WAS A TIME IN AFRICA THAT YOU MUST GO FROM ONE PLACE IN ANOERTH THIS YEAR VISITORS WILL BE ABLE TO EXTEND AND THERE IS NO SET MODEL YOU CAN GO IN ONE DIRECTION YOU COULD GO TO ANOTHER STATION AND ENJOY THE SCENE HOOKS THAT ARE NORMALLY IN THE BASEMENT AS THE SINGLE HOUSE OF THE BROTHERS. THEY WILL BRING PART OF IT. SO THAT PEOPLE CAN REALLY LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS. FOR EXAMPLE. DID YOU KNOW SNOW IS NOW MARBLE DUST? I DIDN’T KNOW THAT THIS IS MY CESSATION OF EATING THE FLOWER THAT IT WAS. OKAY. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR TIME. THIS IS ALL WE GOT RIGHT NOW, BUT I WANT TO MAKE KNOW THAT CANDLE T-SHIRTS ARE HAPPENING IN DECEMBER. FOURTH ON SALEM SQUARE FROM NOON TO FOUR IF IT WOULD BE DEPOSITED ON DECEMBER 11th. SO KEEP IN MIND IT’S FREE AS ​​YOU HEARD ITS MENTION, BUT HOME MAVORNIA CHURCH WILL ACCEPT DONATIONS FOR THE EVENT. YOU CAN ALSO BUY SMALL ITEMS THERE AS W

Winston-Salem: Candle Tea returns in a new format for 2021



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