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Carlisle Elementary School was packed with inventors, athletes, historical figures and more on Monday as second graders showed off their research in a “wax museum.”

During the event, school classes visited the CE2 students’ “museum” and talked to the “wax figures” of historical or important figures, played by CE2 students, to learn more about their life.

Second-grade teacher Jessica Allen said the goal of the project was to teach students how to research and present information.

“On the research side, we have a research standard and (we want them to learn) how people have made a difference in the world,” Allen said. “We reach the two points with (the ‘wax museum’). We wanted to show them that different people in different areas of life make a difference in different ways.

Allen said the presentation, which includes a costume and tells other students about them, has several benefits for students.

“As far as presentation goes, it’s a great way to build their confidence, show off their leadership skills, and show that they can do things like that, even at a young age,” Allen said.

Allen added that they give students a long list of people from a wide variety of backgrounds to choose from, and she is always happy to see student projects.

“We’ve worked really hard to diversify the roster,” she said. “It’s so interesting to see what they choose because we’ve had such a diverse group, from modern people to our first president.”

Elyse Pitzen was part of the project as surfer Bethany Hamilton.

“I think she’s really cool,” Pitzen said. “She really inspires me. I’ve enjoyed researching and seeing new facts about her… I love seeing people learn more about people like Bethany Hamilton.

Emmett Vaught was part of the museum as inventor Thomas Edison.

“He invented the light bulb,” she said. “He saved a boy from a train track. He’s just my favorite historical character. (My favorite part) was dressing up.

Adelynn Bordner, who was dressed as President George Washington, said she was fascinated by presidents and excited to learn more about Washington. Bordner said his favorite part was showing the project to his parents, teachers and students during the museum.

Addie Muchow said she chose Helen Keller for her project because she thought she was inspiring.

“She was deaf and blind but still inspired other people and was a good person,” Muchow said.

Muchow added that speaking in public made her nervous, but she was happy that she was able to complete the project.

“I feel anxious but…I loved telling people what a good person she was,” Muchow said.

Emma Long chose Telsa founder Elon Musk as her subject because she ‘really loves his cars’ and she got ‘really excited’ when she found out he was one of her subjects. could choose.

“I love that you can find people you might not know very well and learn more about them,” Long said. “There are a lot of people I don’t know here, but I can show them something I’ve worked on and accomplished.”

Quinn Brooker chose astronaut Mae Jemison for her project because she is one of her personal heroines.

“I want to be an astronaut when I grow up,” Brooker said. “I want to share what Mae Jemison did and why she was chosen as an astronaut.”

Allen said his favorite part of the day was “just watching (the students) shine.”

“They are so proud of themselves and they work so hard. It’s very much a kid-led activity, and they do a great job with it,” Allen said. “It’s a big team effort as a sophomore team. We are all working hard to achieve this. It’s a great day for our grade level.

Addie Muchow, a second grade student at Carlisle Elementary School, gives a presentation on Helen Keller Monday morning at the second grade “Wax Museum” event.

Sophomore Emma Long gives her presentation on Elon Musk to a group of older students Monday at the “Wax Museum” event at Carlisle Elementary.

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