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Capri and Jaipur recently came together in a unique Mehndi brunch, imagined and designed by the A-Cube project of wedding designer Ambika Gupta.

One of the leading design voices in the wedding and event planning space, The A-Cube Project has quietly tweaked the sensibilities and aesthetics that define a truly beautiful and elegant experience of a lifetime.

Instead of promoting non-contextual, unnecessary and inorganic accessories, Ambika weaves local crafts and crafts, green and biodegradable materials, and contextual integrity into the spaces she designs.

She says: “When we had the opportunity to imagine and plan a Mehndi brunch in Jaipur, it was a natural choice to use Indian fabrics in the design. Kantha, in particular, was my final choice and we called the brunch “Kantha Amor”. It is important for us to promote the riches of India in terms of wide variety of crafts.

But why Kantha?

The couple in question are originally from Mumbai but chose Jaipur as their dream wedding location because it was in this bustling city that they made many travel memories. According to Ambica, “The purpose of a destination wedding is the destination and it makes no sense if we don’t incorporate its spirit into the procedure. Why travel to a location if you don’t want to celebrate its uniqueness? ? We decided to let the Kantha fabric be the signature note of the decor as it captures the rich textures of Rajasthan. We purchased most of the local fabric pieces at Bada Bazaar, Jaipur. ”Ambika adds that the Kantha fabric, well that being a traditional craft, has a very global and bohemian look. As the couple have traveled extensively and love Capri, the decor also channeled the vibe of the Italian vacation destination.

“Capri has very warm, almost Indian colors, radiating from its tight houses. There is a profusion of flowers and bougainvillea throughout the streets and the blue of the ocean and the sky transforms the city into a colorful tapestry. It also reminded me of Kantha as this fabric is almost always full of flowery colors. Additionally, Jaipur is the definitive pink city and has a unique design palette that we had to incorporate into the space, whether in the form of stately furniture or royal canopies. Or in accents of fuschia and rose. “

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