Favorite luxury fragrance brand of royalty and celebrities to open at The Ritz-Carlton


A new scented boutique is coming to Uptown Dallas: Krigler’s housea global perfumery with a history dating back more than a century, will open a boutique at the Ritz-Carlton Dallas hotel.

A spokesperson confirms that the store will open in September.

It’s the second Texas outpost for the Berlin brand, a staple of Hollywood elite like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Jackie Kennedy, as well as members of the royal family; a boutique opened in Houston in 2021.

Krigler is best known for its bespoke perfumes, scented candles, soaps and personalized decanters. Buyers can choose from their existing scents or work with the company‘s artisans to create bespoke scents and bespoke scented candles.

Krigler was founded in 1904 by Albert Krigler, a perfumer who established a corporate tradition of opening boutiques in hotels. In 2005, his great-grandson Ben took over the family business.

Trained as an architect and perfumer, Ben also designs the boutiques. He also propelled the company into the digital world by making fragrances and samples available through catalog, mail order and online.

Krigler’s signature scents include:

  • Extraordinary Camelia 209, modern and cleanly composed and a favorite among the younger generations of two royal courts in Europe
  • Jazzy Riviera 210, reminiscent of the jazz era, fresh and exuberant
  • Splendid Gold 211, whose interpretation of this precious metal results in a creamy, sweet and fruity fragrance
  • Ultra Chateau Krigler 212, a new update to their century-old Chateau Krigler 12
  • Oud Azur 75212, with white tea and a hint of musk
  • Sumptuous Oud 75213, fresh notes with labdanum and lavender, but also a touch of Marrakech

Ultimate K’Oud 75214 is of local interest as it emerged after a business trip Ben took to Texas, highlighting the climatic differences he encountered in the Lone Star State between hot and cool, rough and smoky .

Their eau de parfum can take years to hit the market, and all fragrances are made in limited quantities each year, with no batch exceeding 1,000.

Krigler will also create bespoke bottles and carafes as well as bespoke trunks to house your personalized fragrances. And their bespoke scented candles, using a creamy, eco-friendly soy-based wax, are considered works of art and highly valued for weddings.

There are eight locations in the United States, including Los Angeles at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, San Francisco at the Ritz Carlton, Chicago at the Peninsula, New York at the Plaza Hotel, Bal Harbor at the Ritz Carolton, Palm Beach at the Four Seasons, Miami Beach at the Ritz Carlton South Beach and Houston at the Four Seasons, as well as five locations in Europe, including Germany, Austria and France.


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