FFXIV 6.2 Patch Notes: Everything You Need to Know About Island Sanctuary


Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.2 is a big patch, and the preliminary patch notes released today are just as heavy. We’ll be primarily focusing on the much-anticipated Island Sanctuary feature – a place where you can create your own “personal paradise”, collect resources, build structures, grow crops, and farm land. It is a farming simulation that everyone has been waiting for.

Island Sanctuary


Only players who have completed Endwalker can unlock Island Sanctuary. No Disciples of Hand or Land employment is required to participate in island activities. The Island Sanctuary unlock quest is located in Old Sharlayan (X: 11.9, Y: 11.0), and players need to speak to the Clueless Crier. By speaking with Baldin in Lower La Noscea (X: 24.9, Y: 34.8), players can travel to their island shrine at any time. The development team will also implement several terrain instances in Lower La Noscea so that the area will not be cluttered during the launch of version 6.2.

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Shrine Rank

Each island has a shrine rank, and the higher it is, the more features become available. You can increase their shrine rank by participating in activities on the island. The more tasks you complete on the island, the more Sailor’s Cowries and Islander’s Cowries you will earn – special currencies.

Island activities

  • Gathering: Collect resources in the field. You can check what you’ve gathered through the Islekeep’s Index
  • Manufacturing: With the collected materials, you can craft items in the Shrine Crafting Log. There is also a workshop where hired mammets can create handicrafts.
  • Construction: Clicking on the longboard in front of a vacant lot will tell players what materials they need and how long structures like a cozy cabin will take. The Cozy Shack will be your home base and is the place to trade items with merchants.
  • Agriculture and Livestock : Not only can you grow crops, but you can also take care of island wildlife. Minions too, up to 40, can roam freely on your island.


Players can visit other players’ islands – they must be friends, FC members or party members – and each island can accommodate up to 16 players. You will not be able to craft or gather on another player’s island. To travel to other players’ islands, talk to Lesser Baldin in La Noscea (X: 24.9, Y: 34.8). If you wish to open your own island to visits, you will need to achieve “Sufficient Sanctuary Rank”.

In the non-Island Sanctuary patch notes, players can expect to enter a new dungeon called Fell Court of Troia in 6.2, along with a new trial. The next Pandaemonium raid will also be available, and it’s called Pandaemonium: Abyssos.

The weekly cap for Astronomy Tombstones has also been removed. Previously, players could only earn 450 per week. However, the maximum inventory limit of 2,000 still applies. Faith Stages has also been turned into a single-player quest battle instead of an eight-part trial.

Other miscellaneous settings:

  • The glamorous dresser has increased its capacity from 400 to 800
  • Lots of glamorous items unlocked by gender, such as the Far Eastern Maiden’s Hat and Mun’gaek Boots.
  • Adventure plates are out of beta and now officially released
  • The new PvP season will start with 6.2
  • Some tweaks to Ivalician quests – changes to NPCs that can drop the quest as well as quest titles

There are plenty more minor updates in patch 6.2, and for an overview of everything, head over to Lodestone’s official FFXIV 6.2 patch notes. Patch 6.2 will be released on August 22.

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