Florida man steals candle from mall, sprays bear repellant on employees before escaping


Part of an American mall was evacuated after a Florida man stole candles from a store, then sprayed workers with mass-based bear repellant before escaping from the area . The bear mass acts as a strong irritant to a person’s eyes and respiratory system. The incident happened at noon on Saturday at a Bath and Body Works store in a plaza in suburban Doral, west Miami, as shoppers were busy collecting their items. According to Miami Police, the unidentified man who is still at large entered the store and retrieved the candles from a bag, and fled after spraying a strong irritant.

Candle thief hit 35 people

Police say at least 35 people were affected when the candle thief sterilized a bear mace repellant. He added that the store manager was also seriously injured in the incident. “Some were taken to hospitals for treatment. However, we do not have an exact figure on the number of people admitted to the hospital,” police officials added.

Candle thief spraying bear repellant is still on the run

Additionally, police officers said part of the store was vacated as a result of the incident. He added that the man who is still at large fled in a pre-booked taxi. The suspect could face multiple charges of armed robbery and aggravated assault and battery once arrested, the police official added.

Another shock: Florida man stole alligator from golf course to teach reptiles a ‘lesson’

Likewise, Florida police arrested a strange man who stole a live alligator from a miniature golf course in order to “teach it a lesson,” Daytona Beach Shores officers said who saw him throwing a large, semi-aquatic crocodile-like reptile on the roof of a cocktail bar on Thursday. According to the police report seen by the AP News Agency, 32-year-old William “Bubba” Hodge, from Florida’s Homestead, took the alligator by the tail, hit it against the canopy of the building. , threw it to the ground and walked heavily on it. He was arrested after he was seen trying to throw the alligator onto a business roof and slam it to the ground by its tail.

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