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Fracture Glass Print Photo Gift

ALACHUA, FLORIDA, USA, Aug. 25, 2022 / — Fracture, a leading Florida-based wall decor brand, offers a one-of-a-kind gift option that goes beyond just flowers, chocolates or even framed photos. The company prints digital photo gifts directly onto glass, emphasizing elegance and modernity that enhance the look of any room. With over 2 million orders to date, Fracture Glass Photo Printing turns family photos, digital artwork or hand-drawn creations into personalized photo gifts.

With personalized photo gifts, Fracture makes it easy to find the right gift for close family members and friends. Fracture’s personalized photo gifts help loved ones really focus on the moments that matter by displaying their favorite photos and artwork throughout their home. And the best part is that personalized Fracture photo gifts aren’t just for holidays and special days; customers can offer meaningful and everlasting photo gifts for any occasion, even a “just because” one.

Recipients can feel good receiving Fracture photo gifts because it means supporting a zero waste and carbon neutral business. Creating personalized and thoughtful photo gifts with Fracture isn’t just a beautiful and sustainable way to display them, it’s done in a solar-powered facility. From glass to production to packaging, Fracture is committed to reducing its carbon emissions as much as possible. Then the company completely compensates for what is left by planting trees. It’s not just a badge that Fracture shows off, it’s core to how the company works.

Before being hung on the wall, all Fracture photo gifts go through the same rigorous printing process. To begin, Fracture cuts and prepares a piece of durable glass by hand, following the size specifications for this order. Next, Fracture’s UV Curved Ink is sprayed directly onto the glass, instantly making prints durable and preventing fading over time or with exposure to sunlight. A glossy, opaque layer of white ink is then applied directly below the color layer, bringing personalized photo gifts to life and adding depth to the overall color. Finally, a lightweight foam backing is attached to the glass print, leaving it slightly offset from the wall and providing an additional layer of strength.

Tools for mounting Fracture Glass Photo Gifts are included in the package, so hanging them up is hassle-free. Fracture also offers print media options for displaying glass photo gifts on a table, shelf, or other decor. Most notably, Fracture photo gifts come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to suit a loved one’s unique taste.

Fracture Photo Walls are great personalized photo gifts that allow customers to easily create and display a beautiful, statement gallery wall. Each Fracture Photo Wall layout includes between 3 and 6 prints, depending on the type of layout, and customers can choose to follow a theme for a cohesive photo gallery wall. As a guide, each photo wall comes with a paper template that outlines hanging instructions and shows exactly where to place each screw, ensuring the photo prints on glass will be perfectly spaced. As an added bonus, Fracture Photo Walls are offered at a discounted price for a seamless personalized photo gift shopping experience.

Fracture Storyboard is made of solid wood and designed to safely display photo prints on glass. Its unique grooved surface allows customers to easily slide, layer and change their glass photo gifts to tell a unique story. With its sleek and modern design, Storyboard fits effortlessly into almost any space. Fracture offers Storyboard in beautiful stains of Maple, Espresso, or Midnight to match customers’ spaces and personal style. Plus, Storyboard isn’t just for displaying photo giveaways; guests can add flowers, candles or treasured keepsakes to make it their own.

Customers can also give loved ones the gift of DIY with a Fracture Gift Card. According to Fracture, print queues fill up quickly during the holiday season, making this time of year ideal for buying gift cards. An awesome benefit of gift cards is that they never expire, so recipients have plenty of time to choose their personalized photo gifts from their favorite photos. Physical gift cards are mailed free (USPS First Class only). However, to avoid shipping delays, Fracture recommends purchasing digital gift cards, which are much more convenient if photo gifts need to be delivered faster to meet a specific date. Digital gift cards can be emailed directly to a recipient or to the purchaser for instant printing. In addition, the buyer can schedule precisely when he wants his recipient to receive the email containing the Gift Card (for example on Christmas morning or on his birthday).

With rave reviews, Fracture photo gifts are the perfect gift option. Fracture personalized photo gifts are available for purchase from the official Fracture website and ship worldwide from Alachua, Florida.

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