Gizelle Bryant says Wendy Osefo’s candle business won’t succeed


Wendy Osefo fully brings it to its second season of The real housewives of the Potomac. We’ve already seen a surgically enhanced Wendy, which she proudly showed off at her Nude Interlude party. Wendy has had her boobs, ass and a few “tweaks” here and there. While her boobs were on full display, she is just a beginner Mia thornton admitted to getting her ass done that Wendy spat the truth out on his own. Which is good, we all knew that anyway.

But Wendy also brings it in drama form, already training with Mia. For some reason, Wendy doesn’t seem to really feel Mia. She blames the fact that Mia didn’t seem very loyal to Karen huger during the Gizelle bryant dust off at dinner. You know, the one where Karen used terms like “hot box” and “Sing Sing”. And Wendy has no problem showing her disdain for Mia. Maybe she took lessons from Gizelle. Gizelle is notoriously tough on newbies. Well if we’re being honest she’s tough on everyone except her colleague Green Eyed Bandit, Robyn dixon. Who really brings the least once again. But this is another story.

But if Wendy thought his days of Gizelle shading her to be new was over, she can think again. During a recent episode of Watch what is happening live, Gizelle shared her thoughts on Wendy’s new business venture.

Wendy announced on last week’s episode that she would be going into the all-things candle business. And while Wendy’s mother and family seemed to support, Gizelle is anything but.

A spectator called and asked Gizelle on a scale of one to ten, how well she thinks she’s done Wendy’s candle business will be. Without wasting a moment, Gizelle threw her head back laughing and actually sniffed. Once recovered, she said, “It’s so horrible, it’s like a soft bullet,” referring to the question.

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To finish, Gizelle admitted: “Not so successful.” and raised his hands. She added, “I’ll say this. Her book, she came out with a book and it’s going to be a lot more successful. Oh, Gizelle. For someone who has started their own business, you would think it would be more supportive.

But, Gizelle has a history of not supporting other women (Singer Ramona voice). Remember how she persisted Karen for its line of perfumes? So that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Mostly Wendy.

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