Guy on Vacation Gets Turkish Wax and Instantly Regrets It


While vacationing in İçmeler, Turkey, a man decided to get a traditional wax and immediately regretted his decision.

The geordie dude tried to immerse himself in a different culture by partaking in a bit of grooming, and the results were hilarious.

In a video that has gone viral, it shows the man anxiously waiting for the barber to remove the strips of wax placed under his eyes, on the bridge of his nose and inside his nose and ears.

“He changed color,” said a woman behind the camera.

The man seemed somewhat calm at first; however, when the barber removed the strip of wax from his ear, the geordie native let out an excruciating moan.

Before all the strips were removed, the man pleaded with the specialist to ‘stop’ the treatment, which made the cameraman laugh.

Many sympathized with the man’s pain, with one person writing in the comments section: “No we don’t do that.”

Another person said, “I do this every 56 weeks – The Turks know how to make you look great!

While others thrill seekers insisted the procedure was not as irritating as it looked.

One person wrote: “What a wimp. It didn’t get any worse on that industrial strength face mask we used at that time.

Another person said, “Actually, it doesn’t hurt that much.”

While another commented: “It’s not that painful…this guy’s pain tolerance must be very, very low.”

Turkish waxing was invented in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina town, Mostar back At the end of the 80s.

It has become an extremely popular grooming method among barbers, where they apply hot wax to key areas of the face, inside the ears and nose. The goal is to remove all those hairs for a clean shaven, fresh see.

Many have shared their experiences of putting the infamous wax online, with fillers wiggling as each strip is removed.

In a video uploaded to Youtubewhich has been viewed more than 12 million times, a barber removed an ear tip with hot wax placed inside a customer’s nose, with the man letting out a deafening scream.

One person wrote, “They shouldn’t charge this guy for his wax treatment just because he’s so much fun!!!!!!”

Another person said, “I’ve seen this half a dozen times and this time I cried until it hurt. It’s gold.

While another commented: “Normally I don’t laugh at other people’s pain. It was so funny, I cried and I had to blow my nose!


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