If You’re A Taurus, Here’s The Poetry Collection You Should Read


For those born with their Sun in Taurus, InStyle says understanding their role in society — both on the micro scale of the hive of their home or in the larger framework of humanity — is their favorite obsession. . Faithful almost to the fault, Allure warns that they may find it difficult to deviate from their prescribed role in all aspects of their lives.

With everything changing so fast these days, Solar Bulls in particular have been nervous. At a recent press conference, actor Timothée Chalamet put the fear into words, admitting he felt “societal collapse is in the air”. It’s probably a particular existential anxiety you’ve been feeling for some time that Amanda Moore explores in her award-winning poetry collection, “Requeening.”

When they announced “Requeening” the winner of their 2020 open competition, the National Poetry Series described Moore’s collection as one that “does not shy away from the inevitability of a hive collapsing.” Moore uses the hive as a substitute for our society and ourselves – both of which have an expiration date. Moore even acknowledges the death of what it originally meant to be someone’s daughter as she grew older and became a mother herself.

The Harvard Review added in its review that “Requeening” is “its own drone flight” that “takes us on multiple odysseys: from birth to adulthood, from blossom to collapse, from home well -beloved to beloved home, and from diagnosis to remission”.


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