Is a moon waxing over the Republican Party of Idaho as Luna wanes? | Opinion


Today’s Republican Party has revealed who it really is and it’s not pretty. Many of us thought Tom Luna was way too right wing, but newly elected GOP Chairwoman Dorothy Moon eclipses Luna by a campaign mile. Moon’s political beliefs border on madness.

Moon aided and comforted the ramblings of a pillow salesman who claims Idaho’s presidential vote was rigged. She told us during her ill-fated campaign for secretary of state that Canadians voted in the Idaho election. To prove it, she said someone told her. I wonder if it was the pillow salesman.

There is a darker side to Moon, as she has been quite friendly with a number of anti-government militias and extremists, including the Panhandle Patriots, Idaho Real 3%ers and the crowd of Ammon Bundy.


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