Jordan Bell details infamous candlestick incident and Warriors suspension


On March 27, 2019, the Warriors sent out a statement announcing the suspension of forward Jordan Bell for one game for “conduct detrimental to the team”. Speculation began to swirl instantly, as few details were made available to the public.

Shortly after, rumors began to circulate that Bell had charged hotel fees to assistant coach Mike Brown’s room. The gossip and conversation swelled from there.

In the latest episode of the Dubs Talk podcast, Bell went into great detail about what happened that day and what happened after. With a big smile and lots of laughs, here’s what Bell had to say:

“So we had a team joke going on, and I found out the hard way. It was like a team joke, just like someone gave you a ‘grenade’, where they dribble the clock shooting and passing you, that should be a fine. But our thing was just that we put things on each other’s rooms. So when you go through our team list, you have a bunch of alias names , because you’re not supposed to let anyone know who you are. So yeah that was a joke. It was my rookie year and it was little things, like my coach was late for warm-ups, so I put something on him, on his thing, or it was just a random joke, so you never expect to put food or a meal, just little things.

“So I did that. I put two candles in Mike Brown’s room. As soon as I got to the hotel, I opened the envelope and said I’d put it on Mike Brown’s. Mike Brown. And I was like ‘he got it.’ And so I go up the next day, they call me and say, “Coach wants to talk to you,” and I say, “I didn’t go out last night, I didn’t do anything,” so I don’t know what that it is, i didn’t do anything wrong. i don’t know what i did wrong, because i had never been called to his room, so i’m like “that’s weird” But I think about trading, and I think it’s not something I’ve done, it’s probably something crazy.

“They call me in the bedroom, and they’re like ‘are you doing this?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, that was a joke. My fault. But for you to call me here, obviously you thought it was a serious offense’ so I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m sorry , I’ll pay it back , it was like $30. So they were like “Yeah, we’re gonna have to suspend you” and all that. So when they suspended me for the game, the team never says what it is. He said ‘breaking team rules for this player’s action’ or And they just tried to keep him in-house, which he was supposed to do.

“And somehow I forgot about the reporter, and he ran half the story and was like, ‘Jordan got suspended for charging the coach’s room. Like I saw the message as we were taking off, on our way to Minnesota, right after the game. As we were taking off, I saw this tweet come out, because I was following this reporter because he was a Warriors reporter, and I was like, ‘Oh okay, at least it came out. I don’t worry about that.’

“So I land, and I see this whole thing, ‘Oh he’s watching porn, he’s watching porn.’ It was hilarious. I was like pissed off, but it was the memes and stuff, because it blew up so much. And it was like, ‘porn, porn, oh he’s doing this in his room and uploading stuff .’ And I’m like “first of all, the porn is free, on my phone. I’m not going to buy it in a hotel”.

“But yeah, that’s all it was. It was definitely my fault, because I had put it on the coaches fee before, but I guess I shouldn’t have done it to Mike . And he took offense to it. And I always tell him it wasn’t personal, it wasn’t anything like that. But we talk about it because it’s funny. But Mike and I are super cool, especially when I came back to training camp with the Warriors last year, he was the guy who helped me the most with the new stuff.

“The craziest part about it is my mom asked me about it last summer, and randomly she was like, ‘So Jordan, why did you buy some porn?’ And I’m like, ‘Mom, did you think it was porn all this time?’ All the while, my mom thought it was real, and I was like, ‘someone tweeted it was a candle.’ It was the funniest moment for me.

“And then my aunt texted me and was like, ‘I’m so disappointed in you Jordan. She texted me the same day, or the next day. And I love my aunt, not as much as my mother, but she’s like my second mother, and it hurt me when she sent me this. no no, it was a candle, it was a candle’.”

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Does Bell still have those candles?

“No, I was actually going to (Grizzlies guard) Dillon Brooks, and he was like, ‘Before you come, can you get me some things, like water and stuff, and like a candle’ and I’m like ‘oh there’s a candle right here.’ I don’t think he has it anymore, I hope not. That was the wrong joke though, I got so many candles after that as a gift. I love candles so I was like “this is something I can use” and I had good smells for a while.”

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