Karimnagar: Part-time teachers in despair


Karimnagar: Arts, crafts and physical education teachers who worked part-time in public high schools have been left behind because the state government does not renew them.

The part-time instructors have been recruited through Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan from public high schools across the state to provide students with quality education in culture, traditions, history, folklore and scientific arts .

While 2,751 contract teachers work across the state, 270 of them teach in the combined Karimnagar district. In this academic year, they are still waiting because they have not received any orders from the government.

Part-time faculty play a vital role in bringing out students’ creativity and instilling confidence in them. In addition to providing training in painting, efforts are made to improve students’ handwriting.

As part of the teaching of crafts and work, students are trained in crafts and made aware of the paths to employment from an early age. Exercise is also very important for students to stay healthy.

They have worked as part-time teachers in public schools for eight years. All feel distressed as no orders have been received for this year’s pursuit. Some go to school and continue with their homework, Apweta state chairman Kamalakar said.

Karimnagar district chairman, art teacher Taduri Laxman told The Hans India that every year they get into trouble for many months due to some excuses and they end up going to court or taking some .


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