KOFI Coffee Roasters Target Export Markets


Local coffee company KOFI Co Ltd has launched two products aimed at meeting growing demand from the Cambodian market, as it has also announced plans to export to Japan and South Korea in the near future.

At the official launch of KOFI Co Ltd’s new Veayo and Veha coffee products, which mean “wind” and “air” in Khmer, General Manager Hei Dara said that a number of companies in Japan and South Korea Sud contacted several players in the Cambodian coffee roasting industry. industry, including KOFI, to assess the taste and quality of the country’s coffee products for export to the two countries.

“Some companies from Japan and Korea have approached us to taste test our coffee products, to ensure that we are producing good coffee that can be supplied to their market,” he said.

Dara noted that Cambodia has imported significant quantities of coffee from abroad and that the expansion of KOFI – from a company that sells small handicrafts to the country’s largest coffee roasting company – has been the result of strong domestic market demand.

The head of KOFI said that the company‘s products are blended with coffee beans grown in Mondulkiri province, and blended with imported coffee to increase their quality and taste to become an internationally recognized and worthy brand. ‘export.

The growing number of coffee consumers in the country has also led the company to broaden its scope to encompass coffee roasting, he said, in a bid to help coffee farmers in Mondulkiri find more export markets for their products. Dara added that the company is working with farmers to further improve the quality of their coffee.

Chairman of the Cambodian Hotel Association, Din Somethearith, told The Post that it was “a source of pride” for Cambodia to have its own cafe in the form of KOFI’s offerings, adding that they had taste and quality “resembling those imported”.

He noted that the company had distributed its coffee to a number of Cambodian restaurants and hotels, and noted that its products continued to be in high demand.

“I think this coffee business can compete with importers…I think KOFI’s coffee products will be important in meeting market demand, much like imported products,” Somethearith said.

Figures from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries show that Cambodia produced a total of 675 tonnes of coffee beans in 2021, down 28% from 940 tonnes in 2020.


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