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HONG KONG, August 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Taitung County Government To Promote Tourism In Taitung Through The First Online Travel Exhibit Anywhere In Taiwan. The “2021 Cloud Travel EXPO‧Taitung Taiwan” will be held from August 24 to August 27. This includes an online conference and two sessions of a live mall. Deputy Magistrate of Taitung County Wang chih hui will also join the show as a slash streamer with overseas influencers to market Taitung during the event.

The “2021 Cloud Travel EXPO‧Taitung Taiwan “started today (8/24). Nearly 20 local Taitung vendors including souvenir, hotel, hostel, arts and crafts vendors will present their own online products. Singapore and Malaysia will also display Taitung’s supplier feed with buyers. The wide range of tourist attractions, agricultural and special products, as well as cultural aspects of Taitung will be promoted internationally by involving people in real time via streaming.

Taitung Cloud Expo Showcased Local Flavors Of The World On Live Mall

For the Live Mall event starting tomorrow (8/25), there will be two daily sessions. Almost 20 local suppliers and overseas streamers of Taitung, as well as travel experts, will cooperate to promote the tourism industry in Taitung on a streaming platform. Ken, a renowned director of Singapore, was specially invited to host the Live Mall. Celebrities are invited to be invited to August 25 to August 27 to tell us how special Taitung is from a Singaporean perspective.

On the third day (8/26) of Live Mall, Taitung County Deputy Magistrate Wang chih hui will join the event as a streamer and speak with Bom. Bom is the bassist of a world famous rock band known as “Thai Mayday“. He was invited to promote tourism in Taitung. Bom is a Thai royal who has 2 million fans who follow him. Taitung’s overseas advertising will increase dramatically once it goes live and recommends the event stream.

The cloud travel expo offers various raffles to attract foreign travelers. Those who participate in the Live Mall online will have a chance to win a voucher for a hot air balloon ride with no expiration date. Foreign tourists can keep the voucher for their next trip to Taitung.

The Taitung County Government has hosted the unprecedented Cloud Travel Exhibition that will allow overseas travelers to experience Taitung during the pandemic. Foreign travelers will be able to purchase agricultural and cultural products throughout this event. The EXPO was well received on the opening day. Online travelers can also explore Taitung on the new official website. The Taitung County Government encourages travelers to download the “Taitung Travel” app to enjoy the 360 ​​° immersion technology. Travelers can enjoy a new way to explore Taitung. In addition, an interactive online balloon game is available. Travelers can also participate in sweepstakes if they successfully complete the challenge. Those interested in the event are welcome to visit the official website and experience innovative cloud travel exhibition services.

Event information:

  1. Cloud Travel Expo / Live Mall
    08/25 (Wednesday) – 08/27 (Friday) One session at 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. every day.

  2. Online conference
    08/24 (Tuesday) 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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