Leah Turner’s sultry “Wax on the Table” also reminds her fans to “love who they are”



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“Be comfortable in your own skin, love who you are no matter what shape, size or color you are, don’t take any bulls and know your worth,” Leah Turner told CMT regarding the best lessons. taken from his latest single, “Wax On The Table.” Talk about romance that burns as bright as a lit candle and keeps the fires burning until that candle is just wax on the table like its leftovers.

Empowerment through sexuality is a common topic in music. However, Turner mixing this message with his desire to showcase his Latin cultural inspirations in his country sounds is remarkable, especially since country music has a deep and long-standing connection with Latin, Mexican and Hispanic cultures. Additionally, the clip directed by Matt Bender benefits from the Spanish guitar licks to guide the video’s well-defined aesthetic in the realm of spaghetti western-inspired romance. Turner’s moving voice is also notable in this vein. Video’s burning passion is palpable and adds to its appeal.

However, the video has a cliffhanger that plays on the idea that love, regardless of its limits, is important. “We gave this video a different twist,” says Turner. “We made the girl in the video look like me, but reveal at the end that it wasn’t me from the start, and I just walk away. No fighting, no screaming, just hands up. air, I’m done. [It’s as if I’m saying], You don’t even deserve my words for doing what you just did to me!



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