Ludwig Lets Twitch Cat Spend $ 16,000 of His Money on Huge Jackie Chan Statue



In a recent upload to his YouTube channel, Ludwig gave his viewers some time to spend his money on eBay. When they arrived at a life-size statue of Jackie Chan, however, he had to call for reinforcements.

As if Ludwig hadn’t lost enough money to MrBeast recently, the millionaire streamer quickly started over by giving his viewers some time to spend his money on ridiculous eBay listings.

When he got a list of $ 16,000 for a life-size wax statue of Jackie Chan, the streamer had to pause the stopwatch and call his manager to confirm the purchase.

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Ludwig reacts to $ 16,000 life-size replica of martial artist Jackie Chan

Ludwig Jackie Chan wax

In a video uploaded on September 20 to his YouTube channel, Ludwig allowed his viewers 20 minutes to spend as much money as possible on eBay listings. The ads started off ridiculously, with a chicken nugget shaped like Among Us and a nearly $ 3 million diamond that the streamer had to use one of his veto rights on.

After deciding to purchase various other trinkets and toys, the cat tied a listing to her for a life-size wax statue of martial artist and movie star Jackie Chan.

“Why is that a thing? It’s $ 16,000! he said just before deciding to make a call. “It’s big enough that I ask Slime.” When the creator called his manager and best friend to clear his $ 16,000 purchase, he was faced with a bit of uncertainty when Slime asked what he was buying.

“Honestly, I wouldn’t focus on that… I thought physical investments are the key to longevity in the business… It’s a life-size wax figure of Jackie Chan,” Ludwig told his manager.

However, with a sudden change of heart, Slime told the creator that he was actually a huge fan of Jackie Chan and that they should definitely splurge on the article.

While the statue was the largest object viewers had purchased through streaming, they still spent just under $ 30,000 in total. They bought several other life-size statues, a furry animal costume, and even a drive-thru sign from McDonald’s.



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