Meijer is now accepting SNAP benefits for Michigan pickup and delivery.


There’s great news for Meijer customers using Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits, as Michigan Meijer stores are now accepting SNAP benefits for home pickup and delivery orders.

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SNAP Benefits Accepted at Michigan Meijer Stores

The retailer announced yesterday that it is accepting payments at all of its stores in Michigan so customers now have the option of using home pickup and delivery options when paying with an electronic benefits transfer card ( EBT).

Derek Steele is vice president of customer strategy for Meijer. He says Meijer is happy to be able to extend the convenience of home delivery and pickup orders to his customers using SNAP benefits.

“We are excited to embrace SNAP benefits in our Meijer pickup and delivery shopping experiences,” Steele said. “We believe that all customers should have access to personalized and convenient digital shopping services and understand the added benefit this new payment capability provides.”

Meijer will soon roll out the program to other states

According to the Progressive Grocer, Meijer plans to begin accepting payments from benefit programs such as SNAP in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Kentucky in the coming weeks.

“Providing SNAP recipients with access to Meijer pickup and delivery will make buying fresh, affordable groceries and essentials a little easier for parents and families in the Midwest,” Steele noted. “We hope the new feature will bring convenience and access to all of our customers when ordering groceries online.”

Meijer offers promotions on home delivery

Meijer is currently offering new home pickup and delivery customers the opportunity to save $15 on their first three orders of $75 or more. This is a limited time offer, details are available in the store.

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