Miami International Mall evacuated after dozens of people massacred: the cops



Dozens of visitors to the Miami International Mall received a dose of bear spray and were injured after a man sprayed the mace inside a Bath and Body Works, Doral police said.

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A Bath and Body Works candle heist involving a mass of bears injured dozens of visitors to the Miami International Mall on Saturday afternoon. Fire Rescue works quickly to help those affected by the strong-smelling repellant.

“It’s a unique story in Miami,” said Doral Police spokesperson Rey Valdes. “You can’t make this up.”

At around 4 p.m., an unknown man entered the Bath and Body Works mall armed with a bear mace box, Valdes said.

With a stolen bag of candles in one hand and bear repellant in the other, he was targeting customers shopping on weekends and evaporated, according to Valdes, according to the video.

It gathered around 35 people, including around 15 staff and other customers inside as well as mall shoppers outside the store who smelled repellant, Valdes said.

After dosing the store, he fled with his bag of stolen candles. He jumped into a yellow cab and fled.

Miami-Dade firefighters said some people had to be taken to local hospitals, but couldn’t say how many.

Part of the mall, in the immediate area of ​​Bath and Body Works, was evacuated after the macing because the repellant can get into the air conditioning system and affect more people, Valdes said. It is not known if parts of the mall are still closed.

After the man was arrested, Valdes said he could face 35 crimes. These would include multiple counts of armed robbery for each staff member he struck with a sledgehammer and other aggravated battery counts for clients he injured with an “officer”. chemical”.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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