Michael B. Jordan Now Has A Wax Figure, And The Internet Has A Ton Of Jokes About His Looks


Michael B. Jordan is an incredibly recognizable star. He is known to play Black Pantheris Erik Killmonger (who he doesn’t consider a villain). Jordan also held the must-have title of Sexiest Man Alive and is the star of acclaimed films like Creed and Fruitvale Station. So it’s more than fair to say that the actor has made it to the A-list and with that often comes the infamous wax figure. Now, sometimes the wax sculptures are nearly identical to the person being honored… This is not the case with Michael B. Jordan, and the internet had its best jokes ready for this one.

Last week, a photo of a fan standing next to a wax figure of Michael B. Jordan went viral, and honestly, it’s not hard to see why. Find out what pisses people off about the questionable statue of the fan-favorite actor:

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While it’s unclear where this photo was taken, given that Madame Tussauds has never officially unveiled a wax figure of Michael B. Jordan, the actor was certainly immortalized in wax and the results are unfortunate. . twitter user @Tra_Briggs believes the wax figure resembles a younger version of another notable celebrity:

I thought he was a young Tiger Woods with an edge

Some vaguely recognize some of the characteristics of the actor in the wax figure. The skin tone is noticeably lighter than the star’s and the less said about the hair, the better. Aside from Tiger Woods, fans have come to compare the actor to other celebrities. For instance, @VeeAlmighty said:

It’s Jurnee Smollett with a Caesar

Jurnee Smollett, of course, being the actress of Birds of prey, Lovecraft Country and more recently, spider head with Chris Hemsworth and Miles Teller. It’s a shame because if a wax figure of Michael B. Jordan is going to be there and allow fans to simulate the experience of being next to him, it should be a tribute that truly resembles him. @JLBarrow shared a particularly funny quip about it, saying:

More like Jordan might be.

The revelation of this new figurine comes a few months later Zendaya’s own wax figure caused a stir online after Madame Tussauds revealed it. @LynissaHa fan who seems definitely unhappy with the old Marvel’s silhouette, said what many of us were already thinking:

Fire the sculptor please!!! 😭😭😭

While providing somewhat more serious thoughts on the viral photo was @_faithskingdom, which pointed to a perpetual problem with wax figures. She noted that there are instances in which the skin tones of black characters don’t get the attention they need. As she shared on Twitter:

Serious question: like why do these wax figure makers keep making black people look white or light skinned who aren’t! like what’s up with that? 😒

While social media was quick to point out that Michael B. Jordan injured his forehead in the wax figure, the actor himself never posted anything about his statue. After all, he’s been busy return to the ring to replay Adonis Creed for Creed III, in which he both starred and directed. The threequel is among The next movies of 2022the film slated for release on November 23.


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