Ministries promote creative economy products at GPDRR


… thus the event will also have a positive impact on economic recovery in the tourism and creative economy sectors.

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises are supporting creative economy actors to promote their products at the 7th Session of the Global Platform for Reduction Disaster Risk Management (GPDRR).

The products are showcased through a planogram installation at the Art Building Bali Collection, Bali Province, May 23-28, 2022.

“There are 140 creative economy players who have been selected from the top 500 economy players who are ready to showcase their products,” Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Sandiaga Uno said in a statement. released Wednesday.

The planogram display is located about 500 meters (m) from the main venue of the 7th GPDRR session, he said.

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The planogram includes posters of all selected products and their barcodes to direct visitors to the sellers’ online store.

The planogram also contains informative videos on Indonesian creative products and how to buy them.

Three sub-sectors of the creative economy are promoted through the planogram, namely fashion, crafts and gastronomy, noted the minister.

Later, delegates attending the international event can visit the workshops producing several handicrafts to directly see their production process and purchase products, he said.

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The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has also prepared two tourist packages for the participants of the 7th Session of the GPDRR.

The first is a free organized trip for 600 people, who will be able to see the application of local wisdom in dealing with disasters in various destinations in the province.

Meanwhile, the second is a paid tour package which is offered in conjunction with local travel agents so that the international event can also benefit Balinese tourism stakeholders.

“We have also involved tourism and creative economy stakeholders to succeed the 7th session of the GPDRR, so the event will also have a positive impact on economic recovery in the tourism and creative economy sectors”, Uno added.

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