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Paris (France): The Indian cities of Nilambur and Thrissur in the state of Kerala have joined the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities.

The UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities is an international policy-oriented network that provides inspiration, know-how and good practice. Learning cities at all stages of development can benefit greatly from sharing ideas with other cities, as solutions to problems that arise as a learning city develops may already exist in other cities. .

The UNESCO GNLC supports and enhances the practice of lifelong learning in cities around the world by promoting policy dialogue and peer learning among member cities; forge links; fostering partnerships; ensure capacity development; and developing instruments to encourage and recognize progress made in building learning cities.

Nilambur is a city with varied socio-economic profiles marked by an urban and rural mix. The majority of the population depends on agriculture and related industries. It is also an ecotourism destination in the state of Kerala, India.

It is a growing city whose goal is to promote sustainable development, gender equality, inclusiveness and democracy through community ownership. By promoting lifelong learning, Nilambur hopes to secure employment opportunities and (United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2, “zero hunger”).

Nilambur also aspires to become a women-friendly city by ensuring equal opportunities in all sectors, promoting capacity building and reducing harassment.

Lifelong learning initiatives will provide Nilambur with the tools to innovate in agriculture and crafts, promote ecotourism and improve water management.

Nilambur provides free health care facilities to all citizens and uses health volunteers to provide door-to-door treatment for bedridden patients. It also promotes first aid training for students and young citizens. Some hilly areas face connectivity issues, so telemedicine facilities will be put in place to reach these populations.

The city is also a composite of diverse communities with regards to religion, caste, and economy. Marginalized groups face challenges related to unemployment, poverty, housing, education, livelihoods and connectivity.

Nilambur’s learning city strategy aims to ensure equality and inclusiveness by using participatory democracy and creating grassroots committees.

In a skills gap study that was conducted to identify gaps, it was found that the objective of the study was to improve the skills of the community to provide better employment. Another objective is to promote local businesses, crafts, agriculture and ecotourism.

Pre-primary education is intended for all children under the age of six. The program also allows adults between the ages of 15 and 50 to acquire the equivalent of the 4th grade in the formal education system.

Provides motivational sessions for children and seniors and encourages these groups to make the most of open spaces and city parks. This initiative also tackles child labor, provides basic healthcare facilities for the elderly, and organizes training sessions for disabled and mentally challenged citizens.

This project promotes a decentralized waste management system and promotes recycling.

Additionally, Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, home to academic and research institutions, and well known for its jewelry industry, especially gold, Thrissur is the headquarters of four major private sector banks in India and of a significant number of bond funds.

In Thrissur, a standing committee is responsible for decision-making on finance, development, health, education, social welfare, public works and town planning. With its support, the city intends to integrate all sectoral and economic strategies into its master plan.

As a member of UNESCO’s GNLC, Thrissur hopes to contribute to intellectual and peer learning processes, focusing on equitable access to learning for all, digital learning ecosystems and skills for durability. ANI

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