No-Credit-Check Loans: Borrowing Options


A loan with no credit check may seem as the only option to access cash quickly when you have a poor credit score or have no credit history. However, this kind of loan could have risks, such as high interest rates of triple digits and shorter repayment timeframes.

Before you make a loan, you should know why no-credit-check loans are hazardous, how to assess this kind of loan and what other alternatives to avoid it could be for you.

What is a non-credit-check or no-credit-check lending?

When you apply for a loan that doesn’t require a credit check the lender does not look at the credit information or credit score in deciding whether to approve the loan. The absence of credit checks is a common practice for payday lenders as well as other firms that offer loans with high interest.

Your credit history informs lenders how you’ve dealt with previous debt and will help them decide the likelihood that you will repay a loan. The lack of information about your credit history could make the loan risky to the lender. Many non-credit-check lenders take care to mitigate the risk by charging astronomical per-year percentages.

The loans typically are of a few thousand dollars, or less, with times of repayment, usually a few months or weeks, making them difficult to pay back on time, and could lead the person who borrowed the money into a cycle debt.

Loans with no credit checks are an alternative to those that require credit.

If you’re in need of cash quickly and need it fast, you might have options to credit-check loans with no credit check like lending circles, local assistance or even family members.

However, a low credit score doesn’t need to be a hindrance when you’re looking to get a loan from a lender that has reasonable rate and ethical underwriting policies. There are other options for loans for those with bad credit (FICO score of 629 or less).

Credit union lends

Certain credit unions will provide you with small personal loans that range from $500 to more. In order to qualify for the loan, they might take into consideration other factors that the credit score, for instance, the history of your membership. A lot of credit unions also offer basic credit and loans that assist you in building your credit history. The interest rates that the federal credit unions is set at 18 percent.

Payday loans and payday alternative loans

These are referred to as PALs. credit union-issued loans can help small-dollar customers avoid the debt trap that is created through the traditional payday loans. The APRs for these loans are set at 28 percent.

Buy now, pay later companies

“Buy now, pay later” businesses offer the option of splitting purchases into smaller installments in a few weeks or even months. BNPL businesses don’t typically conduct an extensive credit check, which means they may approve faster than with traditional loans. BNPL could be beneficial to cover urgent expenses however, you should use it only to purchase a single item at a given time to avoid spending too much.

Apps for cash advance

Apps for cash advances, such as Earnin and Dave allow you to take out loans of up to a few hundred dollars of your anticipated earnings. They typically need to be paid back on the next payday. Although cash advance apps do not cost interest, they could require an annual subscription or a fast-funding fee or may require a tip.

Online lender

Some lenders on the internet take into consideration borrowers with low credit — including those with FICO scores that are less than 600. In order to help you get a loan they will consider other information like employment status or outstanding debts. However, loans with bad credit have higher interest rates.

A lender who says it doesn’t require an acceptable credit score could still look at the credit report. The majority of the lenders below rely on your credit information to determine if they should lend you money.

No-credit-check loan example

If you’ve got poor credit and want to take out a one-year $2,000 loan at an APR of 36% -the highest rate an affordable loan could have as per the majority of consumer advocates the monthly cost will be $101. The same loan with an uncredit-check lender, with an interest rate of 200% will cost you $396 per month, which is nearly double the amount.


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