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Ski pick-up trips are on the calendar and the list of hand-picked skis is growing this spring as customers bring in their skis for analysis. At Pioneer Midwest, there is no charge for ski analysis as we are happy to help you determine which skis work well for you and which type of ski you would benefit from the most. Send us a request via our ski request form at learn more about our process or register on the off-season ski selection list!

This year’s production will be limited, so we plan to be with each manufacturer around peak production times to ensure we choose from the best quality and most calendar year inventory. This year, we will grind and prepare each of our hand-picked pairs of skis to ensure the best structural quality for your new pair. Check out our blog here for more details on why we choose to grind even new skis!

While we review the fit and flex quality of your skis, we can also take a look at the health of the base and have your skis checked for our special stone grinding to ensure that your skis will be ready to go when you go and catch them next fall.

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Birkie Handpicked Ski Winner

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2022 handpicked Birkie ski giveaway! We’ve had tons of input and interest in our handpicked skis, so read below or contact us if you have any questions about our process.

Kudos to Heidi Burger, you will also receive an email to match and select the perfect ski for your needs!

Spring Grind Special

Send or bring your skis to take advantage of our spring special! We’ve had long stretches of extreme cold this winter, with many of the major marathons in the Midwest being below 0 degrees Fahrenheit at the start line. Ironing all that cold hard wax is hard on the bases and structure of your skis, impacting your skis ability to hold wax or handle moisture. As we have seen in many races this season like the Birkie, the quality of the grind and base played a huge role in the speed of the ski further into the event.

Whether you race or not, a stone wheel allows your wax to go further by cutting new structure and refreshing the base material of your skis. With our Stoneground special we will include a free hot box and base cure to ensure your skis are prepped and coated for summer storage without the need for a specific coat of storage wax. When the snow blows away you can scrape/brush and put on the wax of your choice in order to have skis that glide like new.

Our Stone Grind Special is $80 and includes Grind, Hot Box, and Base Hardening!

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Factory visit

Sample our ski selection trips with factory tours of Fischer, Salomon and Atomic facilities in Austria this summer! Our friends at Lumi Experiences are offering a trip to Central Europe this summer from August 29 to September 4 under the direction of Olympian Garrott Kuzzy.

Cost includes 6 nights stay, ground transportation and passes. The trip includes skiing on the Dachstein Glacier above Ramsau in Planica Ski Tunnel, Slovenia; as well as great running, hiking, and roller-skiing trails throughout the trip. Off the beaten track, sample some of the best beer and food both regions have to offer. Lumi Experiences is offering $200 off the trip if you join now!

More details about the factory visit trip here!


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