Read this before ordering a supermarket birthday cake


When ordering a cake from the grocery store, consider the baker’s time and energy. They deal with a lot of customers and potentially hate. As one Iowa-based cake designer told Insider, “The sooner the better,” especially when it comes to a custom cake. Yes, you can order a personalized cake according to your party theme or supermarket interest, probably with a more friendly cost and without too many protocols. However, the artist will likely put more effort into your order if you give them more time to prepare your cake. Your celebration is in two weeks? It’s not a bad time to start thinking about cake.

According to Insider, you can participate in the cake brainstorming session. How? As soon as you order the cake, take visuals. This can be photos, drawings, a Pinterest board, or an Instagram photo you saved. This would help the artist better understand your vision. Also, before choosing your cake designer, take a look at their previous work. Maybe they already have an Instagram page, or you can ask each visit who makes what type of cake. This way you can choose the style you feel most comfortable with.

Every grocery store is different, so you need to adapt to their styles and needs as well. Nevertheless, according to The Grocery Store Guy, Target has the best cakes for kids. Ultimately, be respectful, plan ahead, and let your creative side show in the process, no matter where you buy your next cake, or browse some of the best cakes to bake for birthdays. Happy Birthday to You!


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