Review: GRID Studio iPod and iPad Mini offer nostalgic Apple wall art


GRID Studio is known for offering wall art showcasing vintage devices that are an important part of Apple’s history. Each device is disassembled and the components are artistically displayed in a frame that can be hung on the wall of any Apple fan.


The fourth-generation iPod Classic and first-generation iPad mini are among the latest additions to GRID’s device lineup, selling for $499 and $249, respectively. GRID part prices start at $40 for an A-series chip and go all the way up to $400 for the original iPhone, but there are all sorts of options priced around $200.


GRID’s frames are well packaged to protect them during transit and are enclosed in thick black paper, finished with ribbon and a wax seal to make the device truly special. Although GRID products are impressively packaged, I caution customers not to have the paper cut from the wrapper – something that has happened to me on several occasions when opening multiple GRID frames.

The black wooden frames that GRID uses contrast well with the white board the device components are glued to and fit relatively easily into most interior layouts. Unfortunately, the black bezels seem to immediately attract a lot of fingerprints and dust, but they’re usually fairly easy to remove with a damp cloth.

The frame contains a clear plastic pane rather than glass. I would have preferred glass, but that doesn’t affect the display of the device in any way. To remove the film protecting the transparent plastic, you must open the frame from the back. It also allows you to wipe off any excess fingerprints or dust inside the frame or components.


The fourth-generation iPod is GRID’s first display of a “classic” iPod with a click wheel, making it a particularly iconic piece for Apple enthusiasts. Announced in 2004, the fourth-generation iPod replaced the third-generation iPod’s touch wheel with the iPod Mini’s click wheel, placing all four buttons under a tactile scroll wheel, and introduced a thinner body. The 20GB model in the frame originally retailed for $299.

Like other GRID screens, the disassembled iPod components are methodically arranged inside the frame, with details printed to highlight different aspects, such as an image printed below the iPod screen to give a 3D effect and show how it would have looked in use. Annotations explain what each of the components are, a little history of the device, and provide a quote from Steve Jobs.

The first-generation iPad mini is GRID’s first iPad display. The first iPad mini was introduced in 2012, with similar specs to the iPad 2, including its display resolution, for a starting price of $329. The iPad mini takes up a lot of room inside the frame, but I’m glad all of GRID’s frames are the same size for consistency.
Units show some wear in places due to age and use. Nevertheless, they are more than enough for the display and it is clear that GRID has selected devices with minimal wear. For my frames, the iPod’s polished mirror finish, internal hard drive, and iPad mini’s pristine screen look especially good and show off the devices at their best.

Overall, the fourth-generation iPod and first-generation iPad mini are great additions to the GRID product line. With attention to detail and plenty of nice touches to make the device special, GRID’s frames are the perfect items for any Apple fan looking to bring some of the company‘s iconic designs into their home in a thoughtful way. .

How to buy

GRID Studio’s products are available on its website, The iPod Classic and iPad mini GRID Studio are currently $100 off.

Note: GRID Studio provided MacRumors with a framed iPod Classic (fourth generation) and an iPad mini (first generation) for the purposes of this review. No other compensation was received.

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