Samsung flagships can’t compete with the XCover 6 Pro in repairability


Last update: September 27, 2022 at 15:49 UTC+02:00

Samsung remains one of the few mobile manufacturers to develop rugged devices. The company recently launched the Galaxy XCover 6 Pro in the US, giving business and non-business customers a new option in mobile devices with military-grade protection. Now someone has taken this device apart to let us see how exactly Samsung’s rugged device differs from its standard Galaxy smartphones inside and out.

The Galaxy XCover 6 Pro is different from most other modern Galaxy phones for several reasons, but the most important is that it has a user-removable battery. This is because the back panel of the phone is not held in place by screws or adhesive. It can be removed without any tools to reveal the replaceable battery, and it goes without saying that the Galaxy XCover 6 Pro scores the highest possible score in battery repairability because virtually anyone can perform this operation.

Galaxy XCover 6 Pro is one of the most repairable phones on the market

Most Galaxy smartphones use screws and strong adhesives to hold the components together, but not the Galaxy XCover 6 Pro. The sturdy device only uses screws to hold the circuit boards in place, and that’s not even the best part.

As you can see in the teardown video below (via PBK Reviews), the Galaxy XCover 6 Pro is one of the few Samsung smartphones whose screen can be replaced without dismantling the phone. The panel can be lifted from the frame using suction cups and a heat source.

The screen of a smartphone is one of the most expensive components. It is also one of the most likely to break during disassembly. But Samsung obviously took the needs of its business customers into account when designing the Galaxy XCover 6 Pro. These rugged phones will be used in tough conditions, and having the ability to replace the screen without hassle can make a real difference.

Because of these design qualities, the Galaxy XCover 6 Pro earned a high repairability score of 8/10. For reference, devices like the Galaxy S22 typically score around 3/10 for repairability.


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