South Bend Common Council backs gun reform


SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) — The South Bend Common Council on Monday passed a resolution in favor of sensible gun reform.

Gun violence continues to plague communities across the country, including right here at home.

Council members said the resolution educates people and aims to empower residents to reach out to state and state elected officials to get tougher gun laws.

Council members said they want residents to stay engaged.

Council Member Henry Davis Jr. said he had a responsibility as an elected official to make sure people were safe.

“Well, the impact is that you have an elected group … who are going to be able to send an adopted document that is going to go to the state government and the federal government saying that we support reform,” said Davis said.

Council member Eli Wax said gun reform is not the council’s job.

“So this was a resolution, as the presenter said, to tell state and federal lawmakers what they thought should be done about gun laws. And frankly, that’s not the jurisdiction of South Bend Common Council,” Wax said.

Davis said something had to be done and doing nothing was not an option.

“My community is impacted by a lot of gun games,” Davis said.

Davis also said rallies and marches are good, but there also needs to be policy changes.

“Well, South Bend has to say, ‘hey, we’re part of the United States of America, we need common sense gun reform,'” Davis said.

“I think gun violence is terrible. I think it’s devastating. I am open to conversations about how this can be resolved, while protecting the Second Amendment rights of our residents,” Wax said.

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