The Cellar’s Elisha Cuthbert Reveals She Literally Glued Her Lips Together For House Of Wax

House Of Wax starring Paris Hilton and Elisha Cuthbert in 2005

wax house stars Paris Hilton and Elisha Cuthbert in 2005
Photo: Scott Gries (Getty Images)

We weren’t particularly fans of The caveBrendan Muldowney’s new feature adaptation of his own horror short film The ten steps. (More range, and more mythology, are rarely a good substitute for the pure punch of the horrible stranger.) That being said, we can’t deny that star Elisha Cuthbert is a highlight of the film, or that she’s put your time in the scary movie sliced ​​- something she reflected on in a recent Bloody disgusting interview promote the new movie.

Cuthbert – who has been performing since he was a teenager – started by looking back on his time as a member of The Midnight Society on Nickelodeon’s Are you scared of the dark?, which she joined in 1999 when the series was rebooted (for the first time) with a second generation of campfire storytellers. “It was like a kid’s camp,” she says, speaking of weeks of filming in the show’s man-made interior. forest and its semi-real campfire. “As actors, we really felt like these children of society.

Cuthbert then spoke about what is probably his most publicized horror role: serving as the protagonist by Jaume Collet-Serra 2005 remake of wax house. Cuthbert praised the film’s look and production designnoting, “TThis whole town was built in Australia for I don’t even know how much money. But it was a real legitimate city that was built in wax. The facade itself. I couldn’t believe it.

And then we come to the heartbreaking good things, aka, the joys of some very practical effects:

OWe couldn’t figure out how to do the lip collage without making it ridiculous. I had to be tense and fighting for my life, but I had to find a way to keep my mouth shut. So it just wasn’t working and I finally said to the prop guys, ‘Just take the glue. Just take real glue. So we ended up really sticking my lips together – not with crazy glue, but with something very similar. So I couldn’t separate them. There really wasn’t any other way to do it, without it looking silly. So we went there.

Then yes: Jthank you for this instant mental claustrophobia, Elisha Cuthbert.


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