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Asaleo Care has been part of the Fijian Made family of the Ministry of Commerce, Tourism and Transport since 2014.

Fiji’s leading personal care and hygiene company recently had its Fijian Made certification renewed by the Ministry and was commended by the Minister for Trade, Commerce, Tourism and Transport, Faiyaz Koya, for the continued renewal of its license with the ministry while adopting the values ​​of pride. , integrity and courage.

Asaleo Care manufactures, markets, distributes and sells everyday essential consumer products in 16 countries in the feminine, incontinence and childcare categories, consumer tissues and professional hygiene products.

According to ministry inspired by the azalea flower, which in some cultures signifies femininity, and when given symbolizes “take care of yourself for me” – sets the Asaleo Care team apart by carrying a strong ethic as it is at the heart what they do as a brand and as an organization.

Meanwhile, a local sewing and crafts business was also awarded the Fijian Sewn emblem last week by the MCTTT. Ruth Tailoring and Handicraft designer and artist Ilite Buivere Talili started her business in 2014 and operates her business from De Vos on the Park, Suva.

Ms. Buivere had a passion for sewing and she was smart enough to turn that passion into a business.

“My attention to detail made me realize the importance of having the ‘Fijian Sewn’ emblem on my products, tourists keeping an eye out for products bearing the ‘Fijian Sewn’ emblem, it means they want bring something Fijian back with them when they leave our shores,” Ms Buivere said.

According to MCTTT, Ms Buivere is always detailed when developing her work. He said that as a contractor and sole proprietor, Ms Buivere ensured that her bespoke outfits and products met her clients’ standards every time she put something together.

The ministry thanked Ruth’s Tailoring & Handicraft for believing in the national brand and representing the dedication to developing products that benefit sustainable livelihoods in the fashion industry.


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