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Tourism and Antiquities Minister Nayef Fayez on Tuesday discussed with his Tunisian counterpart Mohamed Moez Belhassine ways to strengthen cooperation in the tourism sector and expand tourism exchanges.

During a teleconference for the Jordanian-Tunisian joint tourism sector committee, the two ministers discussed key elements of the 2022-2024 executive program for tourism cooperation. Fayez stressed the importance of the program and its benefits for the tourism sector, in addition to the importance of the exchange of expertise between the public and private sectors in Jordan and Tunisia.

The meeting also brought together the Secretary General of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Imad Hijazin, the Director General of the Jordan Tourism Board (JTB), Abdul Razzaq Arabiyat, the Tunisian Envoy to Jordan, Khaled Al-Suhaili, the Ambassador from Jordan. in Tunisia, Maher Al-Tarawneh, president of the Jordanian Tourism and Hospitality Skills Council, Mohammad Al-Qasem, and the president of the Jordanian Association for Crafts and Traditional Industries, Ibrahim Al-Zariqi.

The two parties agreed, Fayez noted, to form four joint teams to monitor the project, which includes
tourism promotion, tourism training, product development and labor market regulation, and crafts, traditional and folk industries.

He said Jordan has competent experts in the field of tourism in the public and private sectors, adding that the private sector is a key partner in developing tourism. He stressed the need to increase flights between the two countries to increase the number of tourists, stressing the need to strengthen cooperation in the field of exhibitions.

The Tunisian minister said the two countries are pioneers in tourism and are able to manage crises resulting from the fallout from Covid-19, praising Jordanian expertise and skills in the tourism sector.

He stressed the importance of the exchange of expertise between human resources and professionals of traditional industries, in addition to encouraging cooperation between Jordanian and Tunisian universities in the fields of tourism and traditional industries.

For his part, the Tunisian ambassador praised the efforts made on both sides, which resulted in the final draft of the draft Executive Program for tourism cooperation.

Speaking about the joint efforts for the program, Al-Tarawneh said they had shifted the tourism sector in the two countries from a state of competitiveness to a partnership.

Jordan Tourism and Hospitality Skills Council chairman Mohammad Al-Qasem said the council, led by the public and private sectors, is working to develop occupational standards for jobs, through training programs in the sector. tourism and hospitality.

He says the council aims to provide trained, knowledgeable and experienced staff in the sector and to meet the needs of the labor market. To this end, the council works on a smart database to introduce new graduates to the job market and its needs.

The president of the Jordanian Association for Crafts and Traditional Industries, Ibrahim Al-Zariqi, expressed his interest in bilateral cooperation in the fields of crafts and exhibitions, stressing the association’s commitment to cement cooperation between Jordan and Tunisia.

Regarding the executive program, Al-Zariqi explained that the project will promote and develop handicrafts to meet the needs of other markets.



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