The Nope Movie Soundtrack Arrives On Special Edition Vinyl


After the Oscar-winning director Jordan Pele releases his third feature film Nope in July, fans experienced a cinematic spectacle that even set his work apart from himself. Unlike his first two, Nope isn’t an entirely treacherous horror, though it certainly delivered some otherworldly terror and spurred more than a few thought-provoking pieces in its wake. Not unlike his first two feature films, Peele’s third production was again masterfully penned by the composer Michael Abels, who found himself with a whole new challenge. Less than a month after the theatrical release, Waxwork Records announced this same composition, NOPE Original Motion Picture Soundtrackis now on vinyl, available for pre-order.


Despite only releasing two movies before, Peele has made sure his name is synonymous with modern horror. In 2017, the comedian-turned-screenwriter-director wowed moviegoers with a completely original script and visually stunning horror on the big screen with get out. The genre often gets a bad rap for its camp and niche followings, but while all movies are arguably art, Peele’s visions break through a barrier in the Oscar-worthy Hollywood blockbuster. Between the originality and the layers of social commentary that give depth to his scares, there are cinematic elements in Peele’s films that give audiences a dopamine rush. In particular, Peele’s partnership with Abels, a composer who has worked with him since his early days get out.

Waxwork Records, which specializes in pressing classic horror, cult and sci-fi soundtracks onto 180g vinyl, revealed on August 12 that NopeThe full score of , along with all the songs from the film, are now available for pre-order on their website. YesThis includes corey hart“Sunglasses at Night” Denim Jacket Remix and Antlers Holst (Michael Wincott) disturbing rendition of “Purple People Eater”, titled “Purple People Reader” on the soundtrack. The vinyl also includes the unreleased track La Vie Chouette”, performed by a young Jodie Foster for the 1977 film Me, blue flower.

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Discussing his epic musical landscape, Abels said:

NOPE is my most ambitious score to date. There are elements of the genres of sci-fi, action, horror and westerns, but always through the tonal palette of Jordan Peele’s unique vision. The lines between the source music and the score are blurred, as much of the score appears to be playing at the theme park, which is a key location in the story. The score is terrifying at times, but also evokes the sense of awe and wonder the characters feel when they realize what they see. The film ends up becoming a grand adventure, and so the music expands on the larger-than-life scale we’ve come to expect from a summer blockbuster… it was a joy to compose a score that encompassed such a wide range of genres and emotions, and I’m thrilled that audiences experience them all through this album.

Waxwork releases a deluxe double LP edition of the Nope soundtrack, which comes with the 180g colored vinyl in what they called “Cloud and Pennant Banner” wax, a beautiful, trippy multicolored design reminiscent of the ominous cloud and its carnival-style banner that OJ (Daniel Kaluuya) is able to weaponize. The double LP will be accompanied by a “heavyweight matte-coated gatefold jacket, multi-page 12″x12 booklet, liner notes” and stunning original artwork by the fifteen-year-old artist. Ethan Mesa. The soundtrack is available for a retail price of $40.

Peele said of Abels:

“Michael is one of the most exciting composers working today – he has this incredible ability to create new sounds, which was important for this film. He is able to play in the familiar and the unknown in same time, which helps give each film its own character, and he has an incredible mastery of so many different musical genres.

Nope Oscar-winning stars Kaluuya, as well as Keke Palmeroscar winner steven yeunWincott, Brandon Perea and Barbie Ferreira.

NOPE Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is available now on the Waxwork Records website for pre-order. Shipments should be released in December. Check out Waxwork’s message and brand new “Yep” trailer for Nope below:


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