TIC celebrates its 30th anniversary today, with a big party in Plaza Libertad


Tele Codified Images was born from the merger of two Santiago companies, Television Codified by Air (TVC) and Television by Cable (TIP).

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Tele Imagen Codificado, TIC, celebrates its 30th anniversary today with a big party in Plaza Libertadafrom 10, which will contain Show raffles and major rewards,

The company has invited the entire community to join in the celebration, saying the people of Santiago are “the heroes of this story”.

“We invite you to join us in celebrating our 30th anniversary, as you have also been a great hero in this story. We will share music shows, magic, puppets, contests, raffles and of course we will make candles. Will fly. We feel proud of Santiago”, ICT directors have spoken.

the story
The company was born 30 years agoThe merger of the two Santiago companies, Codified Air Television (TVC) and Cable Television (TIP), thus became Tele Imagen Codificado SA (TIC).

With the postulate “with families in their daily lives”The company has gradually integrated state-of-the-art technology, such as the HD digital service, which offers the best image and sound quality.

The inclusion of the Internet marked a before and after in his professional life. Its main advantages are access to information, education, communication and entertainment, obtaining a fast and uninterrupted connection.

“We currently have ambitious plans to become the largest fiber optic provider in the cities of Santiago del Estero. Starting from within the province, Fernandez is the first to enjoy this long-awaited achievement. We MIO, our Drama adds a platform, as another advantage. Customers can enjoy a large number of live channels as well as their favorite series, programs and sports events online (at no additional cost),” he added.

Canal 14 HD was another big project that ended. A space designed for the whole family, with a variety of locally produced ingredients and excellent technology. In our grid we find sports, general interest, magazine, education, music, fitness and children, among other offers.

The company’s management emphasized, “We continually strive to provide a bespoke service, tailored to everyone’s individual needs, both in service and technical support, for both our residential and business customers.”

He also pointed out that, while focusing on direct and personalized customer service, new forms of contact have been incorporated to facilitate this relationship, such as eight customer service centers in the province, WhatsApp, call centers, social networks and websites.

“Celebrating 30 years today fills us with emotion and pride, because we have grown learning from you, listening to you, challenging ourselves every day and remaining close to you as a client and friend of TIC. May your experience be the best. For this and much more, we would like to thank them for being part of the great ICT family,” he concluded.


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