Ushaz LTD Announces Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign Support for Pakistani Lacquerware Art and Craft, an Amazing Form of Handmade Wooden Masterpieces


Glasgow, Scotland – Ushaz LTD, a global company, has been recognized for pursuing its goals of bringing the traditional Pakistani art and craft of lacquerware to the modern world. In support of this goal, the company announced the launch of an exclusive crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to showcase traditional lacquer art and craftsmanship and showcase the artistry while paying homage to its talented artists from around the world.

“Through this special project, we are helping lacquer art and craft artists survive and thrive in the modern global economy,” noted Hamza Tanveer, Director of Ushaz LTD. “We’re grateful for the support we’ve received on Kickstarter from backers around the world, helping everyone support this multi-generational art form,” he added.

Introducing Pakistani lacquerware art and craftsmanship to the global market, Ushaz LTD project recognizes craftsmen renowned for bringing this fine workmanship over generations. The traditional pieces, designed and carved by hand, are perfected with a mixture of rosewood planks and different layers of paint to create stunning carved masterpieces that have impressed for generations. This unique craft, practiced only in a small Pakistani village, has seen its decoration and sculpture techniques passed down for hundreds of years. The lacquer art and handicraft designs are inspired by cities in the region including Lahore, Karachi, Hunza Valley, Swat Valley, Peshawar, Islamabad and other places in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

Starting today, support the Ushaz LTD crowdfunding campaign today on Kickstarter here. Generous support is essential to preserve Pakistani lacquer art and craftsmanship and oppose trends of modernization and mass production of consumer goods. Supporters can show their support by pledging as little as £7, while additional tiers entitle supporters to real lacquer art and crafts including jars, vases and tables.

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