WAX Blockchain-Powered Heroes Of Arcan Aims To Bring The Magic Back To NFT Play-to-Earn Games


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Heroes of Arcan promises players a dynamic, player-driven strategic fantasy hero game powered by the WAX ​​blockchain that aims to promote social conflict and collaboration in an epic fantasy world

Play-to-Earn and NFT blockchain games have captured the attention of the gaming and cryptocurrency market over the past year, growing from a relatively niche application of blockchain technology to a vast industry of $4.5 billion.

With over 49% of all blockchain wallet activity now devoted to play-to-earn games, blockchain-based games have become one of the most popular applications of NFTs. Play-to-Earn games offer players the opportunity to generate real profits by playing the games they enjoy, but many Play-to-Earn games are far from fun.

Restrictive game loops, excessively high transaction and minting fees, and a lack of engaging game mechanics have, to date, prevented play-to-win games from attracting many players. Heroes of Arcan aims to shift this paradigm with a new heroic fantasy strategy game that offers rich lore, complex and varied game mechanics, and direct player-to-player strategic competition between multiple fantasy factions.

Heroes of Arcan launches an accessible Heroic Fantasy game to win

Heroes of Arcan aims to provide players with the first lucrative, fun, and accessible game universe that offers an epic fantasy storyline, hero-driven strategic territory management, expansion and resource control gameplay, and game play. player-oriented peers. a peer-to-peer economy that attracts both mainstream players and crypto enthusiasts.

Set in an epic fantasy universe, the launch of Heroes of Arcan offers players the ability to select a faction and choose both allies and enemies, create and execute elaborate strategies, select and accomplish quests, collect heroes with powerful abilities, and level up characters and equipment.

The world of Arcan features three main races – the Sages, who primarily focus on magic, the Conquerors, who focus on military might, and the Preachers, who dominate political and diplomatic conflict – each offering unique benefits and advantages. distinct and unique weaknesses. Players of a specific faction compete for control of resources and territory. Arcan’s strategy map is broken down into 10,000 land NFTs, which can be captured, sold, or traded by players.

Heroes of Arcan’s main gameplay loop focuses on gathering resources through mining – players harvest resources such as wood, gold, and food, which are used to craft more tools. effective and more efficient.

Plots of land represented by NFTs can be freely traded between players or used to develop various building and structural items such as barracks, alchemy shops, castles, and markets, each providing different passive bonuses.

Heroes add another layer of customization and collectability to the world of Arcan. Each player has three active hero slots that can be used to activate heroes, which provide unique and powerful possibilities.

bonuses. Every game item in the World of Arcan, such as terrain tiles, heroes, and tools, can be traded in the Heroes of Arcan marketplace, providing unique opportunities to play to earn real currency.

Community-driven governance and gameplay

While Heroes of Arcan provides players with resource gathering and territory expansion gameplay, it emphasizes player interaction. Players within factions communicate through dedicated Discord servers, creating opportunities for alliances and betrayals both inside and outside of a player’s chosen side.

Heroes of Arcan is designed and created for gamers, by gamers – rather than creating a static growth blueprint for future development, Heroes of Arcan allows players to have a say in the fate of Arcan and the gameplay within Heroes of Arcan by operating as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or DAO.

Players who hold ARCAN, the native token of the Heroes of Arcan ecosystem and who participate in the DAO will be able to propose and vote on potential changes to the world of Arcan, the Heroes of Arcan economy, and future additions to the game.

The heroes of Arcan’s player-to-player economy

Heroes of Arcan players work to collect resources, which can be used to craft more efficient tools or build structures on land tiles, or sold in the Heroes of Arcan player-to-player marketplace. Using the Heroes of Arcan marketplace, players can create and execute strategies to maximize the return on their resources.

Purchases of in-game items and trades executed on the market are facilitated by the Arcanium ARCAN token. While the ARCAN Token offers a variety of in-game applications such as crafting tools, purchasing items, facilitating trades, or obtaining random loot chests, it also plays an important role in the creation of links between developers and players.

Players who invest effort in Heroes of Arcan can stake tokens in the Heroes of Arcan DAO, claim additional rewards, participate in decentralized ownership of the Heroes of Arcan platform, and foster closer relationships with the Heroes of Arcan community. Arcan.

How Heroes of Arcan aims to reintroduce “Play” into “Play-to-Earn”

The main objective of Heroes of Arcan is to create a real playable game to win. Every element of the Heroes of Arcan universe, from the lore behind the conflict present in the fantasy world of Arcan, to game dynamics that adapt to player resources and territory control, to the game’s art design offers players a real, richly detailed heroic fantasy strategy game.

While other play-to-win games may focus on the metagame to generate profit, the Heroes of Arcan development team is focused on providing players with a solid fantasy strategy experience that incorporates game-to-win features and player-driven marketplaces to create a game-to-win that’s not only lucrative, but really fun to play.

Heroes of Arcan roadmap and launch date

Heroes of Arcan is currently under development by a France-based team of blockchain experts, game developers, and NFT market entrepreneurs. Thomas Gio, Founder and CEO of Heroes of Arcan, brings his NFT marketing experience to the project, including a massive following through a viral NFT market analysis YouTube platform. A private sale, concluded in the first quarter of 2021, will be followed by a token and NFT sale event which will launch in the second quarter of 2022 and which will allow future players to invest in the future of Heroes of Arcan by purchasing ARCAN tokens. The launch of the first playable version of the game is planned for the third quarter of 2022. Then, the developers of Heroes of Arcan plan to roll out an update to Heroes of Arcan in the fourth quarter of 2022 which will introduce several additional layers of gameplay, including Heroes , Potions, Lands, and Buildings in Q4 2022. Regular updates and development news for Heroes of Arcan are available via:

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This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investment advice.


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