Webbie was evicted from the building following a medical alert at a trade show


Webbie is recovering from a medical alert on a recent broadcast.

Webbie performed at 213 Lux Lounge in Roanoke, Va. Last Friday (August 20). His show went off without a hitch, but at one point during his time in the venue the rapper appeared to fall ill and was rushed out of the building. Images obtained by TMZ show the Louisiana rhymer carefully walking towards an exit with his safety in tow. Before reaching the exit, he stops near a trash can where he is surrounded by his team. Passers-by can be heard assuming the rapper is throwing up. Seconds later, he appears to fall to the ground and his legs are stretched out on the ground. He is picked up and transported out of the building by his security.

It is not known exactly what caused the downfall of the “Independent” rapper. He was reportedly taken to a nearby hospital where he received medical treatment. He has since been discharged from hospital after being cleared by doctors and is currently on the mend. Despite initial speculation that Webbie may have suffered a seizure, a rep for the rapper told the celebrity news site that was not the case.

XXL contacted Webbie’s team for comment.

Webbie, who has been somewhat silent on the music scene compared to his former rhyming partner, Boosie BadAzz, released his most recent project, wild life 6, last October, which featured Foxx A Million. Webbie is scheduled to perform at Boosie’s Boosie Bash 3 concert, which will take place next weekend in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on the Southern University campus.

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