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West Hancock fourth-grade students were transformed into famous historical figures at the wax museum on March 13.

The costumed children posed as people they researched for the 2022 Grade Four Wax Museum. Using index cards, they honed their public speaking skills and presented short speeches. It was the culmination of the class biography projects of the local elementary school students.

The fourth graders prepared weeks in advance. Thirty-six fourth-grade students of elementary teachers Renita Kahlstorf and Mary Hildman participated in classes throughout the school. Students in elaborate costumes recited speeches lasting two to five minutes.

“Dressed as characters, the students came out of their ‘wax‘ state and became their historical persona,” Kahlstorf said. “It was an unforgettable evening.”

Kahlstorf described the event as a hands-on way to teach not only public speaking, but also history, language and many life skills. She said it is a highlight of the school year for her students. They learned first-hand how to create a bibliography, cite sources, write reports, and speak publicly.

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“They had to research and write a report on the person of their choice who made a significant contribution to humanity,” Kahlstorf said. “Students were introduced to a bibliography by our media specialist, Linda Christophers, which allowed every Grade 4 student to add a bibliography to their report. Finally, using the practical tips for public speaking by Robin Kudej, the fourth graders played the role of their character.”

Representations of historical figures

Students undertook many unique historical characterizations after researching and choosing a famous person. This year’s fourth year entrants included: Jerzy Subject as Donald Trump, Johnny Schafer as Grace Kelly, Wesley Studer as John Deere, Cadee Cruise as Laura Ingalls, Boone Johnson as Babe Ruth, Ian Deets as Orville Wright, Aaliyah Blocton as Lusia Harris, Haven Merriam as Harriet Tubman, Madison Holland as Abagail Adams, Avery Hinders as Dorthea Dix, Chloe Shakelford as Amelia Earhart, Annabelle Nielsen as Princess Diana Spencer, Draven Schmid as Michael Jordan, Liam Roberts as Magic Johnson, Kannen Brown as Stephan Curry , Anika Yarborough as Sacajawea, Keegan Harris as Ken Kutaragi, Jacob Johnson as Abe Lincoln, Luz Lopez as Ellen Ochoa, Brekken Zadow as Queen Elizabeth, Ella Keiper as Jane Goodall, Lillian Dahl as JK Rowling, Corbin Fowles as Micheal Jordan, Jimmy Hernandez as Abraham Lincoln, Lynnley Daugard as Donald Trump, Melanie Lopez as Helen Keller, Caden Martinez as Johnny A ppleseed, Lane Johnson as Isaac Newton, Anikka Weiland as Harriet Tubman; Carter Bierle as LeBron James, Jodie Foster as Anne Frank, Bailey Wunder as Amelia Earhart, Ayden Rochleau as Adolf Hitler, Preston Vaske as Mark Zuckerburg, Kelden Smith as Albert Einstein and Payton Piper as Rosa Parks.

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