What are the best uses for cake in Minecraft?


Minecraft offers various blocks and objects inspired by real objects. Players can craft many real foods like bread, baked fish, baked potatoes, cakes, etc.

Cakes are among the oldest foods in Minecraft. Minecraft creator Notch wanted Minecraft to win the 2010 Indie of the Year award and said he would add more cake if Minecraft wins. Minecraft won several awards at the event and Notch added some cake as he had promised.

Players can bake a cake using three buckets of milk, three buckets of wheat, two of sugar, and one egg. Cakes can also be obtained by trading with farmers. This article informs players about the different ways to use cakes in Minecraft.

Uses of cakes in Minecraft


Eat Cake (Image via Minecraft)
Eat Cake (Image via Minecraft)

The obvious use of cakes is as food. However, players cannot eat them directly from their hands like other foods. Cakes can be placed like blocks in Minecraft. Players can only eat cakes after placing them.

Right-clicking on the cake will consume a slice of cake and restore two hunger points. Each cake has seven pieces, which means players can use one cake to restore 14 hunger points.

Make bone meal

Compost bin (Image via Minecraft)
Compost bin (Image via Minecraft)

There are many foods that can be made into bone meal, and cake is no exception. Players can use cakes on a composter to make bone meal.

However, it would be a waste because so many items are used to make a cake.

Redstone output

Cakes can also be used to create redstone signals. When a player eats a slice of a cake, the number of available pieces decreases.

Players can use a comparator to detect the number of slices remaining or use observers to produce a redstone signal every time a slice is eaten.


Candle on Cake (Image via Minecraft)
Candle on Cake (Image via Minecraft)

Gamers filled with creativity can create magnificent works of art from the ugliest blocks in Minecraft. Cakes can also be used as decoration in Minecraft. The most common way to use it will be birthday parties or in-game celebrations.

In update 1.17 Caves & Cliffs, Mojang added candles to Minecraft. Players can use candles on cakes and light them. With candles, players can have a realistic in-game cake experience.

Another creative way to use the cakes is to make steep stairs. Players can place cakes on top of each other and eat slices to make a staircase. This way, players can reach heights of seven blocks in a single block wide area.

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