Women’s handicrafts showcased in Herat


Businesswomen attending a handicraft exhibition in the northwest province of Herat say business has picked up in recent months.

With the reduction in restrictions on women’s activities, a number of women and girls working in the crafts sector say they have returned to their jobs.

“Women make a huge contribution to improving the economic situation of the family and the country,” said Nasima Hashimi, organizer of the expo.

“We have worked hard not to destroy the handicraft sector, we are working hard to make it flourish again,” said Zainab Mohammadi, a participant in the exhibition.

“We have a lot of production, but we haven’t had that many sales so far,” said Latifa Jaghori, a participant.

Handicrafts such as weaving, embroidery, graphic embroidery, carpet weaving, and miniature and painting are exhibited and sold at this exhibition.

Some visitors to the fair say that the role of women in the economy is crucial and that the Islamic Emirate should provide them with more opportunities.

“The situation and the environment must be arranged in such a way that women no longer stay at home, because they have worked all their lives and do not have to go home. They should come and show their art to the community,” said Masoumah Faqiryar, a visitor.

“Women should not stay at home, women are half of society,” said Layeqa Haidari, a visitor to the fair.

The exhibition is open to visitors for three days.

The handicrafts of more than fifty business women and girls are exhibited at the exhibition in Herat. Most of these women and girls are displaced and have returned from neighboring countries. They say that after learning the technical and vocational courses, they were able to make these handicrafts.

Hundreds of women and girls work in the handicraft sector in Herat. The works of these women even reached the European and American markets, but now they are limited to selling products in Herat.


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