Xiomara Guerrero, ex-girlfriend of the cyclist, put a “candle” to the controversy over “political tweets”.


This weekend, Egan Bernal made headlines in Colombia for his hard-hitting tweets in which he decided to talk politics.
The current Giro d’Italia champion, who is resuming his training with the Ineos team in Monaco, has drawn reaction from several presidential candidates and well-known politicians for a few trills in which he spoke of “giving money” and “the future of the country”.

Egan Bernal responded to Gustavo Petro and Armando Benedetti Egan Bernal: here is Gustavo Petro’s response to their trills

After Federico Gutiérrez, Gustavo Petro, Sergio Fajardo and Armando Benedetti, among others, decided to answer him, the turn to speak came for Xiomara Guerrero, his ex-girlfriend and current communications manager.

In the case of ‘Xiomy’, a ‘political indirection’ that Internet users have tried to decipher.

“Nothing lukewarm can be good!” »

“Nothing lukewarm can be good!”was the strikingly political-toned tweet that Guerrero posted that Sunday night.

Although he doesn’t directly mention Egan Bernal, the connection to the controversy of the cyclist’s messages seems quite clear. Unsurprisingly, the term “lukewarm” was used by Egan in his reaction to the commotion unleashed.

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In one tweet I write they tell me I’m left, in the other that I’m right, if they knew I don’t like extremes… and clearly in this one they’ll tell me I’m lukewarm. It only shows that certain political sectors must stop generating hatred in the people and unite us,” Bernal said.

Egan Bernal continues in his tone to define a possible date of return to competition.



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