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This year marks the centenary of re-waxing – the sustainable method that ensures Barbour wax jackets are built to last a lifetime. Sustainability is at the heart of discussions in the 21st century, but Barbour embodied a conscious mindset from the start. In 1921, Malcolm Barbour, the second generation of the family, was the first to offer customers the opportunity to spruce up their waxed jackets – a legacy that continues today under the leadership of President Dame Margaret Barbour. .

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The service is part of the Barbour Wax for Life program, which encompasses initiatives such as Re-Loved, refurbished vintage Barbour jackets that are recycled and prepared for new owners; Repairs, a service that aims to repair small tears and tears; and, of course, Re-wax. Re-waxing can be done by artisans in Barbour’s workshop, or customers can re-wax their own purchases using a box of Wax Thornproof Dressing. As a testament to the success, over 100,000 boxes of wax are sold each year and over 60,000 jackets are returned for rewiring and repair. There are several Wax for Life stations across the country, including Selfridges London and Birmingham, and Barbour Duke Street, W1, where customers can bring their jackets for repair.



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